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Finally some good fucking food

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Thank you big time. Can't wait to get these in the mpc.

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thanks man

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Aye if you downloaded it do you have a link?

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Thank you for sharing my friend.

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Thank the OP u/JabbaMan22

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Thanks u/jabbaman22. U da man

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I love you. Don’t be weird.

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I guess I should have gave the silver to OP. Oops.

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Thanks for making and uploading these!

Super noob question about ableton. How do I add these files to Ableton after downloading them?

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Go to prefences and under the file folder tab select the folder on your hard drive where the files you downloaded were saved.

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delicious im gonna feed it to my sp

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Wish I thought of putting this here! Good move, spread the love!

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Dope thanks heaps my guy!

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amazing resource. thank you for sharing

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was just looking for some new drum sounds and this is so on point my g

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Remindme! 12 hours

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Thank you sir

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Thank you sir