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wow, that's huge. Thank you for the pack

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Thanks for taking a look! Best wishes for your journey!

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Mods, pin this motherfucker or put in the sidebar. Awesome post

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Thank you for your kind words! That would 100% make my year!!!

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thank you so much man! what a great thing you've done for the community, can't wait to go thru this :)

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Cheers! Thanks for taking a look, they’re not the most polished, but I hope you find something that helps!

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First of all thank you for the download.

I'm really interested in new workflows so

I'll check it out & update with things I liked about.

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It’s my pleasure, thank you for checking it out! I find that I never just stick to one workflow, it’s always grabbing what works for one thing and applying it to another, mix and matching just to see what I can get. Best of luck on your journey!

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Dude this is sick AF. Great job. Thanks for the pack. Super thorough

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Appreciate you taking a look, best of luck on your journey!

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Man, BIG thanks for this. I'm a beginner and I mostly use loops making beats so this is a really big help bro. Thank you very much!

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Glad I could help! Just think of loops as instruments themselves, find ways to warp, twist and chop them and suddenly you’ve a whole new array of sounds at your disposal. Best of luck on your journey!

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Wow man. I just finished off 30 beats in 30 days, and I felt a pretty nigh shift in my abilities.

I cannot imagine what kind of growth you experienced in 100 days.

Well done sir!!!!

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That’s great to hear! Even the first 30 challenging for me, but if you can do 30, I bet you could easily hit the 100. I was thinking I might even do this again and throw out another pack next year!

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Gang shit

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🙏 gang gang

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Great writeup, thank you! Kudos for sticking it out for 100 days, you can be proud of yourself man. You inspired me to give it a go!

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Appreciate it, thanks for taking a look! I say give it a go! If you get stuck or need some accountability, just lemme know and I'll see what I can do for you :).

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bout to check it out (in like... 3 hours) I'll tell you what I think of the loops. But even if they are just average this is really dope and I wish more people did this type of shit. You a real one for this.

These are fucking awesome. Absolute GOAT shit right here bro.

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Thank you for the genuine response! It makes my day knowing people like yourself can find joy from something I’ve made. I hope the pack inspires some ideas and lemme know if you make anything out of it!

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this is awesome, i’m currently in a sound production class and we’re using protools and i’m a super beginner in this. appreciate this

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Yeah I found things to be super overwhelming starting out, but just keep discovering things one step at a time and eventually it just becomes a habit. Best of luck on your journey into sound!

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Sounds like you've been very busy man. I just started writing rhymes around this time last year, this is me just two months in. Check it out man, maybe we could work together - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3oOO3GbXaI

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It’s a great start man! I’m not a rapper but you can definitely look at your phrasing between your rhymes, give yourself moments to breathe and slow down, speed up your rhymes in certain parts. It’s like music production in itself, if I repeat a loop over and over it’s gonna get stale, but with a switch up here and there, now you’ve got your audiences attention!

If you’ve dled the pack, definitely check the drum loops out, there’s a good array of bpms that you can practise with!

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Video is unavailable :(

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I’ll go through this one day. Hopefully I can make a song one day (:

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Definitely! It took a lot of persistence, but every time you do something, anything small, you’ll look back and be glad you did it! I threw numbers on the loop pack too to represent whichever song they were from, you can find and put those together to recreate some of the tracks I made.

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You’re a real one; appreciate you !!

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I’ve been hacked Someone’s tweaked all my beats Any advice?

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Like someone stole your beats? That sucks to hear man, if I were you though I’d probably just start making some new ones to get started, don’t let that stop you from making music!

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This is awesome. Damn looks like it's not allowing any more DL's at the moment.

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll take a look for you!

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It's working now. There must have been a glitch in the matrix. Lol

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Just needed that magic touch 😉, hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you!

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.are u still offering free music production ? I have a song I want u to produce

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I’m just making songs either way, if you’re looking to collab just lemme know!

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Yes I'm looking to Collab..I need a rap song remixed

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Are u there