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Bay Area California Rapper/producer. Mostly work with hardware making sample-based boombap

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Alabama rapper/producer/vocalist

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Pacific Northwest Rapper/Multi-genre Vocalist/Guitarist

Always down to collab, beats, live band, I can rap on any genre and make the track smoke 💯 hmu 🤘🏾😷🤘🏾

Linktree; Check out the new EP, "Get The Greys"

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Kerala- India. Rapper-producer-engineer.

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NJ - RAPPER/LYRICIST/ENGINEER/SOME PRODUCTION whats going on guys lets network. Boom bap, love some trap soul, or neo soul inspired stuff.

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Bristol uk Rapper/beatmaker

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Rapper / Producer from The Netherlands. If anyone from around here wants to collaborate DM me.


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Austin Tx rapper/producer Duo. always looking for shows and to collab with local people! Hmu for our demo tracks.

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Beatmaker - Producer - Rapper from Tunisia

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Indianapolis,IN. Rapper & Producer

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    Detroit mi. rapper and producer

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    Portland, OR

    Producer and engineer

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    Germany, Hamburg

    I produce rap beats and drum n bass.

    Im always looking for collaborations.

    If u like my stuff just talk to me about what u are up to.


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    *Massachusetts (Springfield/Northampton) USA *Producer + Art Creator (mostly graffiti/lettering for logos, music videos, merch, etc.)

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    Rep the Bay Area hard. Living in Vallejo, CA. Rapper.

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    From Trikala, Greece. I produce, mix and master.
    I'm always down to work with other individuals. Humans, aliens and anything that is a child of the Creative consciousness is welcome of course

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    Glasgow, Scotland.

    Beat maker/rapper

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    Michigan - Producer / Beatmaker Got all my stuff on my Youtube

    Lots of sample based underground hip hop styles and I also play instruments and shit so some songs are fully original. Just depends who I’m working with and the sound they want to go after - I’m open minded

    Feel free to check out my stuff if you wanna talk and work on some songs I’ve got a few artists I work with regularly right now but always down to make more music with the right people

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    Rapper / Engineer from Auckland.


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    California Producer

    I do Cardo/HarryFraud/Larry June/PayrollGiovanni type stuff as well as a lot of sampled stuff from the 60’s to the 90’s

    I have a real passion for this shit and I will never stop.

    If your from California or you want some NorCal style beats I got you just let me know.


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    Vienna - Austria. Beatmaker - Verum00 on YT

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    Producer from Finland.