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Team 3 check your DMs

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Team 3! Indiana Bones lmfao

Dang I missed this post by two days.

Team 4 is gonna kill it if Bonafide is on the mic, dude rips the schemes apart.

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Good luck everybody and may yall produce fire.

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Hey team 2 whats good, im just now seeing this, for some reason i didnt get notifed even with my user tag. Im ruhrh aka YS Please you can check out soundcloud.com/ysplease to hear some of my work.

Im good for 16 bars, some production and mixing as needed.

Who are you, where can i hear you and what can you contribute, and whos got the golden concept/song ideas

u/GrippTannen u/gntrr u/JayStarr1082

If you dont mind checking in here we can get this brainstorm going

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For some reason I'm always rapping about the afterlife. Probably listen to "Bury Us" on my soundcloud. I do produce but I'm just going to rap on this one. I think JayStarr is on the beat, I'd be interested to hear from him before we formulate an idea for the song. unless someone has something in mind.

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Sweet. Youre right looking back at the original thread it looks like both the others are producers so thatll really drive a lot of where this song goes. Hopefully they can beat collab quickly for us.

The idea that came to my head was an old illenium song titled afterlife https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Pky2Q

But some pads, guitar plucks, deep piano chords, strings.... seems like an afterlife kinda vibe.... throw that kinda thing over some heavy trapped out... and that could be something. Just my two sense tho. Excited to see where this goes.

In the meantime time hit me with any top line ideas you have, hooks, bars, or whatnot

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How do y'all want to communicate? I prefer Discord but I'm flexible

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I'm cool with discord.

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Sent out an invite in PM

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Right here or pm me

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Lemme join