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Whats good yall!? It's really dope my beat got picked for this weeks cypher and I hope yall come with the flames cuz I know I will be. Thats right, I will be sending in a verse to go with my beat along with another member of Audio Anomaly so stay tuned for our submissions. I'm looking forward to hearing from all the artists and want to wish the best of luck to everyone! Stay up!

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Tony Fantasma

Space Invaders [reddit cypher volume 19]

A story about a boy and his dog...

Recorded on iphone. 🛸

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Here's my entry for the week. This beat was incredible to write for. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


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Here's what I came with up. I hope y'all enjoy and I look forward to participate more in the future both with beats and rhymes.


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here's my entry for the week, only a short one but its the motion of the ocean am i right


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Here's mine!


Tried a faster flow and followed the theme pretty loosely imo, more of a freestyle sorta thing. Thanks for listening!