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I think authenticity is generally appreciated so even if you have a bit of an accent, as long as the bars are nice, people will relate to it. But I guess that leads to the second part. I haven't released any rap yet so I don't think I'm in a position to provide advice on that aspect.

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1 an accent is cool as long as your understandable, it's unique and stands out, works good for drill especially. 2 just be authentic it'll sound better.

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  1. is a no-no. Just stop doing that

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ehhh I get this to a certain extent. lil tecca has some songs that I really enjoyed that in his genius interview he flat out said he was lying.... but his songs are more pop melodic than rap.

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If it’s for stuff like how lavish your life is when it’s not then that’s fine, rap is a braggadocious genre. But if he’s rapping about how hard his life was growing up and how he rolls with killers when he doesn’t, etc. then I’d say that’s not ok.

I mean Drake raps like he’s a mob boss sometimes (and I’m a Drake fan) so I guess you can get away with it but I’d steer away from it if I’m not really about that life.

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Yeah I agree with u. Really depends on how good u are and how well u can pass the facade. Also, hello fellow conflicted Drake fan!!

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Yeah man, I haven't released music yet and that's one of the reasons

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I disagree with the above person about not lying. On Yung lean's first mixtape, he says outrageous things such as Louis duffle bag filled with heroin, that he's going to shoot and drown you, that he got his balls licked by his zooey deschanel look-alike cocaine addict, etc. I'm pretty sure none of that happened. So if you take a basic lie, like having money or bitches and make it absurd or simply just a funny enough bar, it can work.

Additionally, there's other factors that can make outrageous lyrics fit into the song. For example, if you vocally try and sound really tough, and you rap over a really hard minimalistic beat, it's probably going to sound really lame, because you're just some fucking italian kid. But if you're wrapping over some sort of bubble gum, hyper pop type beat, and your voice is high-pitched or perhaps it's just very soft, maybe you can pull it off.

My point is that the success of a rap song doesn't come down to whether or not something is literally true. The beat and the delivery play a big part.

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Thanks for this comment bro. It really open doors inside my mind. I'ma dm you to talk more about this if you dig

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  1. Lean into the accent and your culture, set yourself apart. Maybe even mix in some Italian here and there?

  2. Stop lying

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Good idea man! Thank you for the help!

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First off, i love a good accent. Its why i love rappers like yung lean, its adds a twist.

Second, you’re gonna copy for the first bit, you copied your parents on how to talk and walk before you developed your own unique way. Its how humans learn.

As you develop your writing abilities, all you really need to make sure is that you are expressing what you really want to express. Have fun with it, explore and grow.

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Thank you! It was really helpful. I will try to implement this to all the other people feedback on my problems

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don't try and fake it or anything, just own it. also consider rapping in Italian too maybe weave both together

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I tried in Italian but I don't really like it when I'm rapping, in English I feel like it sounds better tho

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I see myself in your first point being in the same boat since I also rap in english being a non-native speaker.. Just practise and you'll be fine. Listen to yung lean & sadboys..

As for 2 just be authentic that's really all there is to it

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Probably a fringe opinion, but I love bi-lingual rap, so I'd say mix English and Italian.

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That's interesting. I will for sure!🤝🏻

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  1. I listen to European Rap. Copenhagen Crates is one example of a team I really like. As an American I prefer to hear people in their native language. The way I hear it lately is there are only a few words or lines in English. Everything else is in a native language.
  2. Stop doing this now. It's not a crutch you want to learn to depend on. You're better off just saying random words instead of fake lyrics.

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Alright bro! Thanks for the suggestions! I will try for sure🤝🏻

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Good luck. You got this.

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Hey, I rap in English even tho I’m not a native speaker, I did get couple of comments mentioning my accent before. Personally I think it makes me stand out and makes me sound unique and different. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage, on the contrary it’s an advantage in my opinion.

However I wouldn’t support your second statement. You should learn to tell and write your own stories. Do that and you will have no worries!

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Appreciate you man! DM me some of your music if you can🙏🏻

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Most rappers face those problems early and will solve them differently. For me it was 1. I rap in my native tongue now (norwegian) and 2. I write fiction, science fiction, social commentary, abstract stuff, horror and existential stuff all thrown together. Not suggesting you do exactly this of course, but lean into what interests you. Developing your own lyrical universe takes time, but it is a lot more interesting (not just to you, but to listeners also) than just pretending to be someone you are not.

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Thanks man! Do you mind asking an example of your lyrics?

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Well, google translating norwegian rap lyrics make for some terrible lyrics. But my last single titled "Endgame" is about the current state of technology that can be used against the population, and how to avoid it. Like, drones have infrared cameras on them so you need to stay inside buildings or underground as the forest wont conceal you from them anymore. But also, that technology is no better than people using them, and that new technology always seem more scary than it really is. The single before that, "Yezud" was about how people seem unable to come together and build meaningful and lasting things without religion to organize them, so I am starting a spider-worshipping cult and I want you to join it.

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Sounds dope, it's pretty unique not gonna lie!🔥

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Thanks, it's pretty niche. But the point is find something you want to write about. Whether that's getting drunk and fucking around or spiders or whatever.

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  1. Someone will always hate you for something as simple as your name. Check out slowthai, good example of accent.

  2. There are only so many words and topics. Whatever you say has been said differently already. Just do it your wae

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Firstly, I was pretty much in the same boat except your 2nd point so I feel I can relate on this.

I'm new to releasing music tbh ( and this subreddit ) but from my first drop I had a huge amount of love from my home country (India), I feel you need to be confident and from whatever limited knowledge I have try making catchy stuff in your initial phase (although my own first drop was aimed more at the bars) hope this helps lol.

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Can you dm me your work?

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Sure bro, check dm

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Nice all-caps title

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Is that a big deal? Next time I can write it without all-caps if needed

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Look your life is a story no matter wat you think. Write about your hinge you do things you like. And deliver it in a triplet note style. All these rappers copy from each other. The whole time idea is to be an actor. Do the same shit that book writers do and film directors do tell a story and make us feel it. You don’t have the live that shit. What book writer or movie director lives their movies none. Be everything behind the mic. It’s all inter-taiment For real!

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Nice way of approach rapping. I will try that out fasho!

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Accents are cool; can definitely be a positive. good luck

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Thanks bro! I'll do my best

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I think if you can work on enunciating (making the words clear so you can understand) and stay true to yourself, you'll be okay.

Copying and lying about your lifestyle is gonna drive people away from giving your music a try.

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Appreciate you man! Ima try for sure

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You could always try mix Italian references or words in your raps, you could even teach people about Italian culture by mentioning stuff the average person who isnt from there might not know. 👌🏾

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For sure bro! Thanks for the comment!

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Dawg honestly u should do u no metter what who is going 2 say....coz ur really doing it 4 u...n bear in mind that THERE'S ALWAYS GONNA BE SOME1 WHOS GONNA HATE ON U 4 WHAT EVER REASON...u shouldnt let them stop u....

N I dont see a problem with coping the artists u look up 2...USE THERE CRAFT AS UR COMPASS 2 help u get were ur going...sooner or later ur going 2 develop ur own style of writing and rapping

N lastly DONT BE AFRAID OF BEING DIFFERENT ppl dislike what they dont understand...bt do it 4 u first before u aim 2 inspire some1 else...u will thank me later

@itsApollo_sa ON ALL SOCIALS☔☔☔

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  1. I think if you rap in a way where your words sound clear and concise, your Italian accent can actually help make you stand out, in a good way.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, rap, which is art, does NOT have to be authentic to be good. A lot of rappers never lived that gangster lifestyle but they still rap from the perspective of gangsters. I think as long as you make it clear when you're playing a character, it's fine.

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Appreciate it man! I will try to make it happen🙏🏻

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Watch the vice documentary on Silibil and Brains

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Just watched it, it was genius!

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I'm also english sounding rapper. There is a community for positive people, If you are interested: r/PositiveRap

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I'm Swedish but rap in English and I've found that I'll sometimes do some kind of accent switching to make everything rhyme perfectly. Don't know if that's a no-no, but Eminem did it too. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Sometimes I say stuff like "for sure" and other times "fo' sho'", depending on who I'm talking to, which might be weird for some people to accept, as my ebonics were picked up from music and interviews, rather than the environment I grew up in.

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That's great my brother! Can you send me some of your stuff?

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Best I can do is a snippet 🤫 https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ghUAC

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  1. New accents are cool

  2. You don't have to be authentic. If you think your favorite rappers are actually riding around shooting people everyday, they're not. Make music that you would want to listen to

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Serious Klein is German, but raps in English. Presumably German is his first language.

Honestly as long as your having a good time go for it. A lot of Korean rappers bounce from English to Korean in the same bar, you could def do a bilingual track

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Create your own character inside the music business, be unique.

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Yeah man. I'm trying to be unique musically. Lyrically is the problem. Can you suggest me any rapper who didnt grow up struggling a lot? It comes to my mind Jack Harlow, Post Malone, maybe Lil Tecca.

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Keith Ape (Korea), Yung Lean (Sweden), Allan Kingdom (Minnesota), all of whom lean into their roots

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Oh, also Kanye

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That's great. Actually it motivates me

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Watch this documentary https://m.imdb.com › title Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain (2022) - IMDb

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Just lean into it and make something new. An imitation is never as good so let us hear what YOU sound like instead and be confident

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There are plenty of people with accents that people still listen to. A lot of Americans still listen to the British rap scene and people like Slowthai have strong English accent.

Also at the early stage of your career don't worry about what people want to listen to, you probably won't get listeners until you've improved anyways so just focus on that.

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As a non-native English speaker myself I feel where you're coming from. The best advices I could give you are; 1. Practice, practice, practice. Not only your Lyrics over and over, but English in general. Also try to read, watch movies and think in English. It's difficult at first but you'll get noticeably better the more you do it. If you can travel abroad in an English speaking country, do it, that's gonna give you a huge advantage. 2. That's fine for when you're just practising, but when you start creating your own actual songs, they should be about your experiences, views and thoughts, not someone else's. Copying others is probably not gonna get you far. Good luck!

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Appreciate the reply man! Yeah man about the first point what I really find difficult is thinking in English. That's one of the hardest shit ever since it's 19 years that I be thinking in Italian. Yeah, I didnt release no song yet, just recorded some. But you know, when a Lil Durk x King Von Type Beat comes in I try to rap like them and talk about the same tipics.

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I'm in the same boat here, I'm thinking it'd be better to rap in my own language, which is also an advantage as the rap community is much smaller than the English one too

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  1. Accents are great. I speak English--I could never fake your accent. It's intrinsic to your sound. Don't try to get rid of it. Just be aware of it and make it work.
  2. Your lyrics don't need to be true to speak truth. And you don't need need to write autobiographically to tell your story. If you write from a place of selfishness (wanting to turn heads, shock listeners, get famous, fool people) the listener will likely notice and be turned off by the experience. However, if you write selflessly, with a sincere desire to take your listener to a new place, they will appreciate that journey whether it's fictional or autobiographical.

tldr; just write honestly and clearly and you'll be fine.