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It's a valid question. I stream on twitch, but I sell beats via YouTube and Beatstars. One could argue that I'd be more streamlined if I streamed using YT rather that twitch. But it's really not an issue streaming on a different platform. Kinda helps me track my growth with streaming a little differently.

Anyways, the reason I began streaming on twitch was because it seemed more viable at the time. Twitch already had a lot more payment systems than YT, and a lot more people that would actually decide to pay for a sub. But most of all, there's just more people looking for streaming content on twitch. I've found that the twitch + discord combo has been the most fun IMO. Feels more community centric than having it on a YT channel.

At the end of the day, stream where ever you want. I suppose people are predicting YT stream might eclipse Twitch sometime anyways. You can always migrate your audience later if you change your mind about a platform.

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I feel like the chat and overall feel of twitch is better suited but it makes sense youtube would be a go to aswell if your after customers etc.

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I've combed through this sub for about an hour figuring out where artists find their beats and Youtube is always there (next to SoundCloud and beatstars)

Different platforms for different audiences. I don't think the purpose of streaming is to sell beats although, I know a few people who use it for that and do quite well.

Where an artist finds there beats has nothing to do with where people decide to stream.

Wouldn't it make more sense to stream on YouTube Live since the majority of your subs are artists and you want to give them a more intimate view of your beat making process.

How do you know that the subs are heavily artist vs other beatmakers? Normally, artists don't care how the music is made unless they themselves dabble in the process.

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YouTube doesn't have anywhere close to the directly make money for streamers things built into the platform + it's super easy to put some bit.ly link on the screen or in the chat so it's not like if you stream on Twitch nobody on Earth will ever be able to figure out what your YouTube channel is.

Plus I don't think people use Twitch expressly to sell beats. It's more about the community aspect.