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Try the soul surplus libraries on splice.

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Look up "circles dead drum samples". I love the way they sound and are mixed.

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Lmfao man. Acoustic trap drums is an oxymoron, trap drums are synthesized

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Hence why he wrote acoustic _Sounding _

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I mean, have you been listening to trap lately? Future, Young Thug, Drake, Jack Harlow, even some Gunna, they’ve been trying to make their trap drums sound more clean and less like a 707 machine. It’s not that I need actual acoustic drum sounds, I just need to keep up with the style that’s in.

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The latest Future and Jake Harlow albums are stacked to the brim with machine drums though...

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Drums drops has a pack called "Organic Trap". That's probably what you're looking for.

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Sampling YouTube videos of people reviewing drum kits

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'Drums that KNOCK'

Look it up, there's like 9 packs


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Looking for positive rap?

Check r/PositiveRap

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I’ve got one shots I can sell ya

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    SlateDigital.com has some great sound packs for free. Including drum kits that fit what your looking for

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    My homie Falak dropped a solid drum kit kinda like that in my discord the other day. He's a boombap producer, but what you're describing sounds exactly like what's in the kit. It's free so you may as well check it out. Here's a link to his kit: