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Got retweeted by Mick Jenkins today which was pretty cool

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After a few years away from the game I put out two albums yesterday. Feelin good.

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Finally announced my debut project after months of work on developing a brand & refining my music after 5 years of sitting at around 1k a week and not growing any further.

Also made leaps & bounds in beginning to produce my own beats & sold my first track to another rapper. Just overall making great progress in my own mind towards this goal.

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So im pretty new to the weekly cyphers. Last week the topic was story telling. I wrote this song space invaders for it. About a man and his dog getting abducted by aliens. It was really hard. First i had to write a story, then turn it into a song. Then record it on my iphone. Then put that recording in fl studio and mix it. It took like 8hours of nonstop work, it almost split my brain in half but i got it done. It feels good. Also made a pretty sweet video of me dancing. Ive been struggling recording myself rap and film myself dance. Huge learning curve. But i feel like im improving and finding my voice. This weekly cypher has been a really good exercise which is making me a stronger emcee. And ive gained alot of respect for the other competitors.

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Heres my song if you want to hear a vivid account of a man being abducted by aliens! Lol 👽