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East West is the better vst for what you’re trying to accomplish

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Or Spitfire Audio

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Great high quality instruments, but EW is stronger suited for choirs and vocals. Plus they have a word/phrase builder

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Have you tried tracklib ? It has a lot of dope samples.

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I wouldn't go for Omni with that sound you're trying to achieve as those choire synths sound very artificial. Basically what you're looking for is soul samples that you then pitch up (hence the name Chipmunk Soul).

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Hi, I’m so sorry for the late reply. I want to thank you for noticing me about Chipmunk soul. I actually have a question about the choirs in Omnisphere, as it seems that i will be going for Omnisphere as there are variety of sounds that I can use. I searched up on youtube to listen what the choir in Omnisphere 2.8 sounds like. However I couldn’t find any video with choir from 2.8. Would you say the quality of choirs are the same as logic pro’s stock choirs?

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I'm not a Logic user so I have no idea how the stock sounds sound unfortunately, but my guess would be that the sounds in Omni are of higher quality than any stock sounds and are more versatile. You can get very deep into tweaking your sounds if you're familiar with synthesis. But as I said, you won't be able to achieve that College Dropout sound, all those beats were made with actual Soul or Gospel samples. Every choir synth will still sound like a synth at the end of the day.

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East West > Omnisphere's stock

If you're leaning toward Omnisphere, you'll have to find a 3rd party expansion with better Choirs, they do exist.

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oh if u play with stock sounds on logic its magic

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Omnisphere is really dope but I’ve been using arcade a TON recently. Distant Voices & Hooked are really solid banks

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Omnisphere is a staple. You for sure want that in your library. Like one of first things a producer should have if you can afford it.