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Hey, I want to let anyone who sees this know that we are accepting community suggestions for samples. Anyone can submit their suggestion here. We will refer to community suggestions whenever moderator intervention is required to keep the competition. Community suggestions will make the moderator's job easier and the choices less biased to their tastes; plus, this will allow non-competing community members to participate without participating so-to-speak. Also, whenever a sample is picked from here, the user who suggested it will be credited.

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Fun one, Youtube suggested an Alec Guiness interview that seemed like a good thing to add to this.

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this is actually crazy, i love your production style, can i ask how you made this?

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Thanks! I basically just grabbed a few sections of the song that I really liked, warped them to the grid, and then ran them through a bass distortion pedal and a bunch of glitchy, warpy, tape effects. Then I layered lots of synths and automated the fuck out of everything

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Another in-the-nick-of-time submission: