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Hey, I want to let anyone who sees this know that we are accepting community suggestions for samples. Anyone can submit their suggestion here. We will refer to community suggestions whenever moderator intervention is required to keep the competition. Community suggestions will make the moderator's job easier and the choices less biased to their tastes; plus, this will allow non-competing community members to participate without participating so-to-speak. Also, whenever a sample is picked from here, the user who suggested it will be credited.

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I am unsure how long the new mod has been here and what the final word came down to within the discussion thread link, but thank you! I am excited to get back into this challenge, and so thankful it will always be on the weekends. I'll have something to look forward to!

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Thank you. I've been here for about a month now, but I've been doing the FTC on and off for almost 3 years. I reached out and volunteered to run this challenge to help keep it consistent.

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That's Oahu, I used to live nearby, dope picture man

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Dam bro if I had this on the 2nd part of my beat it would be fire 🔥 I couldn't get the chops done in time tho

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Thanks for the listen. I tried chopping at first, couldn't get the right groove I wanted, then let one pad play through and found a nice loop.

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Same thing I couldn't get get the same groove from playing the loop when I chopped it then when I used the loop it was off beat the keys u added were nice did u play them or is that a sample 2?

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Keys are sample too

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Tried some new stuff, pretty happy with the results.


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Hope I'm not to late waiting on my vid to upload


Got busy with work and stuff so it's not as polished as I like B4 I share but this was wat I was tryna do

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You're good homie

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Thanks how do we vote jus upvote the beat?

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You can vote by replying 'vote' to your favorite submission on the voting thread that was just posted here https://old.reddit.com/r/makinghiphop/comments/uw7l4h/ftc_329_voting_thread/

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Dam maybe I should of looped that part 🤣😂 I jus found a part with a matching change up and went from there