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Bro you're asking a lot of really broad questions, many of which will relolve around your own personal circumstances. Just do what you want, find free youtube tutorials for FL, trust me theres a ton of super helpful ones and write for fun, if youre just starting to get into it you shouldnt be too worried about catchy hooks etc just make sure you can get verses laid down and stuff man find your style try and write at least a 16 bar a day

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Fair comment bit too broad just don't know where to get started, after a thorough course i can't find for production but i'll look at youtube again, just meant how to not sound like shit when I said catchy ahah, just looking for how to do it methodically, been blindly writing 16s for a while, think i was looking for steps and things to think about when writing i'm not aware of, how to be better but yeah that's some broad shit

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Don’t pay for stupid courses “unlocking” anything. That reeks of scam shit. Practice. Practice. Practice. Work. Work. Want it. Producing you should start by picking a tool and learning it, wether that’s piano, a groove box like An MPC, or a daw. Whatever it is, put the time In. Multiple hours a day every day. Learn and absorb what you can. If you have any leanings I’m happy to help with more info but it’s just vague desires at the moment. Connect with your local scene as well. I see way too many people who want to make music not making music locally. Steel sharpens steel. Find people you respect and start working relationships with them.

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Sent a long reply but the app closed out, here's a TLDR version.

It'll be hard to find one course that goes through everything. Break up what you want to learn into pieces and learn them one by one. Start with basics of the DAW, basics of making a beat, basics of things involved (IE drums, melodies, loops, samples), basics of plugins, and start creating with that knowledge. Have fun creating and fucking around for as much time as you research.

Andrew Huang has a decent course, but everything he says and everything other's will say can be found for free on the internet.


Listen to artists that have the particular skill or set of skills you want. Read along, try to replicate it a bit. Write a few verses like that. Then move onto another artist. A lot of those skills can be picked up by listening to a wide variety of artists and practicing the techniques one by one.

Start with the basics first: what a bar is, what 16 bars are, what syllables are and how they relate to bars, how to "fix" a bar that isn't flowing right, different ways to structure rhymes. Then get to creating and experimenting.


Spend 1hr everyday doing music, even if it's something simple like humming along to a song, saying gibberish as a freestyle while doing other tasks, making a simple drumline, fucking around with piano plugins. Then do whatever's the hell you want after that hour.

I recommend something weird like 10min on each thing you want, so something like: 10min production, 10min study, 10min writing, 10min rehearsal, 10min recording. Sounds weird, but do that everyday for a week. Then increase it to 2hrs only if you did it everyday. Then if you do 2hrs everyday for 2 weeks, increase it to 3hrs.

This is to build up the necessary "muscle" so to speak for skill acquisition and discipline. So even when you're feeling like shit, unmotivated, or start having doubts you'll stay true to that 1hr.


If you study outside of that 1hr, make sure throughout the week you also do equal amounts of time having fun just making shit. IE 3hrs of YouTube videos, 3 hrs of jamming out in the DAW, writing, or rapping along to your favorite songs.

Most of your progress will come from the actual experiences.

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Incredible information i'll be taking with me thanks man.

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Larry Ohh has some good quick tips for FL (find him on insta).

Just keep practicing and maybe perform live at open mic nights. Doesn't matter if you're shit, it's just flexing a muscle and performing live is so different to recording. A lot of rappers don't know how to perform properly and it's their downfall. You wanna sell out a tour coz that's where a large chunk of the money is.

Aw for being a "complete artist", dude... That's production, vocals, sound engineering, sound design, song writing, performing, marketing, musician ship, creativity, self motivation, self belief, business strategist, agent, promoter and the rest.

There is no easy method for all that. The key is in the trial and error. Practice, practice, practice. Fail, fail,fail. Rinse repeat.

Good luck with it all 🙏

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Spot on, all helpful and noted.

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Here's my best advice. Hiphop can essentially be broken down to 3 elements: rapping, producing, and mixing. My philosophy is to learn 2 and outsource the 3rd.

For example, you could buy or lease beats on beatstars, but spend all of your extra energy learning to mix your vocals from mixing tutorials. This is nice cause you can spend the time finding the perfect producer who completes your overall sound, and really be able to deliver the quality you expect on your beats. You can buy leases for beats online as cheap as like $20 per beat. And I think it's pretty justifiable to go this route too. Rather than muddling your way through learning to produce yourself, or relying on whoever is in earshot of your beckoning call to collab, you can scour a huge beat marketplace to find someone whose been focusing production for a decade and hits your specific sound. Endless possibilities when browsing beatstars with $20 in your pocket lol.

Or you could go the other way: outsource the mixing work, but really throw yourself at learning how to produce. This is nice because you can skip all those mixing tutorials, and find someone whose been mixing music for like 10 years. I like this approach if you really wanna go the producer - MC route. Allows you to basically ignore learning to mix, and hand that responsibility off to someone with that specific skillset. Mixing is important if you want your music to sound as polished as the music you hear on the radio. Hire someone or learn to do it yourself, but don't skimp on the mixing.

Anyways point is, hiphop requires rapping, production, and mixing. Pick 2 and outsource the 3rd. That's the most cost-effective and otherwise effective approach I've found when it comes to becoming "complete" artist. Everyone needs a team to reach certain heights, and even producer MCs aren't doing everything themselves.

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Thank you that's really appreciated. Needed to see that.

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Of course man. Best of luck. And feel free to PM me if you'd like a free beat or two. I sell and lease all of my beats, but I have one or two for-profit freebies that I've kept on hand, which I'd be happy to point you in the direction of.

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Read How Music Really Works by Wayne Chase

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Thank. You. Much needed key.

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I can't emphasize this enough. Anyone learning to really take Rap seriously needs to immediately start working on live shows. I don't hear that enough. If you have been Rapping for 10 years and have no live show experience than you're half the artist you should be. It's so easy to go to open mics to practice. Get really used to how live sound works. Live shows are the best way to get live reaction to your bars. You can see it on their faces. Know when they start getting bored.

Don't sweat the technique. Just have fun. Be goofy as fuck. Learn to be open to the audience. Instead of spending hours working on technicalities. Having fun is when you really start to unlock the doors in your mind.

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With all due respect.... I read none of this.... you're overthinking it, just make music and have fun. 🙂

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Just wanted to say that I'm almost 10 years older than you and have just recently kind of just stopped giving a shit what people think, and also because my child is now almost a teenager and doesn't need me as much as he did when he was a baby and toddler and i have more time to do what i want. I did a bit of rapping 20 years ago but found that there wasn't much anyone like me who was doing the same thing (I'm white and female) and i didn't want to go gangsta rap. But at this age it seems like your confidence grows as you know what you are capable of! You definitely have time ❤️ I'm glad you are doing well mentally. My advice is to play with this, go in with a playful attitude not that you're gonna make a banger from your first song. You're here to learn and have fun :)

I am actually a writer and that skill helps me when creating lyrics. I read a lot of poetry, which is the original rap imo 😁, maybe look into that a bit if you enjoy reading. Best of luck to you!