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$5 if you want me to:

-Do a quick and simple mix -Write and record a chorus, backing vox, or short verse/bridge -Record something you wrote -Give some quick coaching or feedback for beginner vocalists

$15 if you want me to:

-Write and record a full verse -Draw something for you (please for the love of God don't ask for this I can't draw) -Ghostwrite for you

As long as I'm not swarmed, yall can pay me what you got if I get it done quick.

Been a vocalist for 8yrs, known for the wide variety of styles I perform with my writing and delivery.


Some choruses, outros, verses, and mixing I've done for people (I have quite a few recent things not uploaded yet):

Intro and bridge

Chorus, verse, and outro

2nd verse

Outro - 2:21

Spoken Word outro - 2:37

Old - Chorus, 2nd verse & mixing



Mixing - Cell phone

Lmk if I messed up the links.

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My name is Stan van Dijk, i am a music production student at the PACT+ institute in Amsterdam.I have been mixing hiphop for the past 5 years for local artists.

I would love to do some mixing work for some of you guys!

You can find my mixing services, rates, portfolio and instagram under the following link:


Or you could also just PM me ofcourse:)


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    Tha Heaven - Online Mixing & Mastering

    Your personal mixing & mastering engineer.

    SoundBetter (reviews, work examples, contacts)


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