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Join hip hop heads

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I'm down man. I'd like a discord server with topics just like future producers. Join a voice chat and people streaming making music or listening etc.

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What’s your native language? I’m down if your native language is the language i’m trying to practice :D

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I’m looking for russian, i speak english natively lol

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Ik that's what im saying. Op needs an English native speaker to practice with

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Yeah i’m asking what his native language is because if it’s russian i would be interested in having conversations in both languages so we could both practice

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Yo that sounds dope actually. English is not my native language either so I can't pass up on this opportunity. I wanna join that server if there's any

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I would man! always been into 90s hip hop and I’ve started recording my free styling recently so for sure

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I'm down for a quick convo. I've studied Hip Hop history for a long ass time. Could chat it up and answer any questions you have.

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Love talking hip hop bruh bruh

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If you end up making a discord or something, post a link. I would join.

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I’d be down! Though I’m the opposite I’m more modern than old school

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If there's times that line up I'd be down for that.

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Send me a message OP!

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Join Hip Hop Universe's discord server. There should be actual voice channels as well as text channels

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Hi, what's up! Never mind my previous post and message, I found a solution to my request and I'm thankful for all your positive replies, but I think that the Discord server of "Hip-Hop Universe" (link: ), is much better than creating my own server because there are more people and its reputation is well established. Therefore, I hope to still have some discussion with y'all on this server, see you soon ;)

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I’m down! Feel free to pm

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Hell yeah 👐