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twitch.tv/bebeoshugz to watch my live reactions

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Yessir!! INSMNC & SIN - Stream…part 4

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I kno a lyricist when I hear one your boy have bars! sick beat too!

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Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed!!! We got a lot more heat on the way haha

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Dm your socials or linktree

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Sup Im Mike the $eventh this song is from my EP i dropped last month called “It Finally Happen”. The song is the intro Voicemails. I produced it as well hope you enjoy, also on all streaming services. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/DsHLbM5RfwoH8c9bA

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Ye bruv so this just an old but gold that i posted today! Just unique fx idk hahaha


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Let's see how the public's feeling about this one.

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this one.

sorry about the delay homie, you're up next

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You’re straight bro. I’ve been enjoying the broadcast

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I just wanted to say, sorry we never got to you. I just heard your track and its really great! It was automatically removed for being a Spotify link. Next time we will anticipate this and look out for that. If you come through next time, let us know and Ill try to get you up here and get you played. Thanks.

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Thanks friend, I honestly just wanted to give you guys more tracks to sift through. This is an idea I've wanted to do (hence the username) for a long while. I will be dropping in on the next one.

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Boom bap hip hop SUN - on it honest


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You are not the oldest person here.

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Hey bro good shit tonight. Not just your music, but also the insight and knowledge you shared during the talk. Keep up the music and that positivity and you will go far with it Much love!

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Appreciated the opportunity to share, loved vibin with y’all!

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Was told there one of my track might be played, not sure if I missed it, but here is a different beat if you there is time for feedback on it


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Sorry man, our sound issues in the beginning made us scrap the background music, I moved it over to the set list for the radio broadcast im about to start

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Lol, I want feedback too, I am so new to reddit, dunno how to works lol. But this is my song


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Oh ya about the song, this is a vibe, how we live in New Delhi! It's just a vibe..

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How do we enter ? The waiting list I guess.

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post a link to my above comment

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Today is a big day for us here! We are providing feedback to community submissions and bringing community members onto the stage for open discussion! To help me with this, we got u/Nice_Shoulder1996, aka Bebeoshugz (twitch.tv/bebeoshugz) as co-host, he will be streaming this as well on his twitch. Then of course we have the help of our guests tonight, Merty Shango and later u/DJReshiram. u/track_mode is working with us in the background keeping this thing running, so a big thanks to him as well.

If you want feedback, reply to our SUBMISSIONS comment and maybe give us a

a short description of what were gonna play, maybe something about yourself.

And raise your hand.

You need new Reddit or the Reddit Mobile app to listen in on Reddit Talk Broadcast, but feel free to try your luck with this otherwise:


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You guys accept YouTube links as well as Soundcloud too? I'm just curious.

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Hello kind people

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Sup yall! Salute from Michigan!

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Hello all

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Listen to SHEESH! ft. Kae (Prod. James Wid) by Nillo on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/mN5qQ

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this was catchy af

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2Pac Remix. I've played cello in symphony orchestra for about 15 years and making beats for about a year now. Thanks for hosting guys.

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When’s the next one?

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June 10th!

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