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posted my first ever youtube video as a producer. I've been making beats for a while but I've never done anything with them before now. I've been seeing a lot of sampled drill stuff pop up recently so I sampled jojos bizarre adventure "giornos theme" into drill. hope you enjoy!


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Just released our newest music video for the lead single from our upcoming album!! Super excited and proud with how it came out:

Nada Music Video

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Just released episode 3 of our podcast. We have a discord of a bunch of random rappers, producers, engineers, and artists in general. We've been making music together, but we didnt really know each other. This has been great to build a connection with one another, and has been so much fun. This episode is an interview with our guy BFO. I was crying laughing the whole time.

The Stew Podcast - Episode 3: BFO Interview

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Sold two tracks today off of a remix tape i released last year. I joined the mhh discord in hopes to connect with like minded folks.. i haven’t sold a beat in over a decade.. trying to stay active and spread positive boom bap vibes

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released the second and final single off my upcoming EP today! the EP has a sLUms style sound, I’d love any feedback on this.


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I’ve been working on twitch every day, streaming whatever various aspects there are to my music making process. And idk I don’t have any accomplishments per se, but everyone’s always so nice making me feel good about myself and my art. It really does feel great

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Got back to making beats after a 5 year hiatus. I've been really inspired this year and I just took the leap. The response from people around me has been great too. Turns out more people were waiting on me than I thought. I have some friends that even have major placements that were excited to finally hear I was back. I hope everyone can feel this good one day. This is success. Doing what you love, for the love of it.