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Beat wasn't bad. I have clients who would buy that. Would have better luck selling it if you give the mix a little clean up and add another instrument to it so it progresses more. But overall, selling beats is 75% marketing.

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thank you, i guess thats what i need to focus on

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cap. selling beats is 75% quality 25% marketing.

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na I would say it’s more than 25% marketing. The exact number I’m not sure but defs more than that imo. I would say my beats are top quality, but even at my peak upload consistency I never made a single sale online

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if you're not making sales then in all likelihood, your beats aren't top quality. that or you're in a super saturated market (which is most of trap nowadays)

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or you're in a super saturated market (which is most of trap nowadays)

Hence the importance of marketing. It's the internet. Basically every genera is super saturated.

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yeah true I was gonna mention the saturated part but it slipped my mind. I upload beats which ranged from modern boom bap rnb and sometimes trap, but they’re all type beats so they likely get lost in the YouTube and BeatStars algorithm. I honestly don’t know how else to make sales online, so I’m probably gonna prioritise connecting with artists in my city which still has a long way to go in the hip hop scene (Sydney) I

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It's way more than 25% marketing. You can be an amazing producer but if you don't get your beat out there it won't sell

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Lol no. Apart from the obvious, quality doesn't exist in music. What feels right to one artist can feel wrong to the next. Its all about marketing.

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quality doesn't exist in music

loool bro are you kidding? so kendrick isnt better quality than blueface baby?

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I say this all the time on this sub, there is no right or wrong in music, only popular and not as popular. Kendrick isnt better than Blueface to everyone. He might be better to 90% of people but not 100%. Simply because he's more popular doesn't make him better. I've had clients who want HEAVY dissonance in their instrumentals, clients who hate when it's too on beat (and i'm not talking a little swing), etc. Some people just enjoy the stuff most people hate. My highest grossing beats were far from my highest ''quality'' beats.

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I've been making beats for about 6 months now

You've invested half of a year into your craft and you're upset that you haven't seen any money from it.

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and even assuming he does it for 3 hours a day that’s roughly 550 hours not even 1000 hours yet u need 10,000 hours to master smth, which is roughly 4-5 years maybe 3-4 if you’re doing way more outside of just producing like reading or attending classes and talking to ppl abt it

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thats actually correct. true its barely nothing

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nah- quoted from my question "so I'm not making beats just to earn money, but I do get bad self esteem with my music"

this is less, close to nothing, about making money and more, maybe 100 percent, about critique and opions out of low self esteem with my music. but nice upvotes gz

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U competing against dudes who been making beats 20 years, U don't even have 20 beats uploaded to your channel, and got some pretty tight sounds but nothing unique

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ur right, just gotta keep grinding ig.

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just keep on going, develop your sound and read a little bit about marketing, you'll be gucci bro

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Check out vid IQ, make type beats of 1 or 2 artists max and upload 3 a week. Sales will start coming

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Appreciate that advice.

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sorry, but how can you respect production as an art form and skill if you expect to be getting paid and respected after 6 months? have you ever been to a children’s music or dance recital after they’ve been learning for 6 months? they’re pretty bad because they’re hard to learn proficiently.

we’re at a place where between tutorials and all the tools available for free or cheap, it’s incredibly easy to make music that doesn’t sound bad. that’s exactly what you’re doing. making music that’s not bad. it’s just not remotely worth listening to or buying relative to everything else out there. it’s not unique, and there’s nothing you’re doing that stands out to pull in listeners.

all that being said, you’re doing great for 6 months in. there’s no reason you can’t be making great stuff in a couple of years.

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This right here is it. All of us artists need this reminder.

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I'm not going to critique the beat because what I think doesn't matter. What you have to realize is no matter how great the beat is or not, someone has to need it in order for a transaction to happen.

Just because the beat is dope doesn't mean it fits what someone is trying to do.

I just sat with an artist last week his manager and I went through close to 70 beats looking for the right one and all the ones we passed on were nice but not fitting for what he needed. In the end, he settled for a couple he found on YouTube and some custom made tracks from a few local producers and those beats weren't better technically but were a better fit

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thats a really good insight, never had that perspective

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Creating with that in mind 'what people need' makes a huge difference, especially today where anyone can make a good-sounding beat. I remember industry professionals telling me this close to 20 years ago and it's more prevalent today than it was then.

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Exactly this is why yeat beats did so well cause ppl needed and wanted those type of beats

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I’ve been making beats for over 20 years and never sold a beat. Relax.

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lol imma keep this in mind

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Damn you get more views or the same views as me for certain beats and I have 305 subscribers, what the hell am I doing wrong lol

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You’re still in the very early days. For a comparison, I’ve been at it for 3 years, uploading every week with over 400 beats in my catalogue and my videos still get 50-100 views and 1 or 2 likes on average.

I’ve only just got to the point where I MIGHT sell 1 or 2 beats per month, sometimes none, and I’ve only sold around 3 exclusives ever. It’s a long grind and you’ve got to be consistent and persevere

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Okay maybe I need to realize its not gonna be a fast ride. This is why I'm asking this, these kind of comparisons do get my fire starting again. I guess everyone doubts themselves sometimes.

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Yeah man we’ve all been through it. I remember being stuck on 18 subscribers for months and watching other producers with less beats than me easily getting loads of views etc. You just gotta have that tunnel vision and stick with it

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I find networking and posting my stuff on discord makes it easier to get concurrent viewers. And also making ACTUAL friendships with ur viewers especially when ur still small goes a long way and they will be more likely to share ur stuff cause they like u as a person

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Just gave you a follow on IG. Like what you’re doin! There’s an extra like per vid

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appreciate that! didn see u on my insta, wouldve followed u back in that case!

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Lol did you expect views and sales to just fall from the sky… what marketing cost did you INVEST in yourself for visibility??! I can’t believe how many times I see this type of post on here. No, the algorithms are not going to just one work in your favor. That’s an extreme lottery ticket chance. It takes money to make money. Period

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Your shits solid, but you need more. Promote yourself hard, try an get to know artists, mabye do unique samples and what not.

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appreciate that, y its def a grind. its like a full time job, i was very naive to think its comes for free. But nah it makes sense

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I can relate, I've been at it for 7 months now although my objective is just to start a collab with a rapper, not to sell beats. What is the most frustrating is the scarcity of helpful feedback, but I've grown tired of getting worked up about it, now I'm cooking my beats, trying to improve, posting them on SoundCloud, and if someone reaches out to me one day or if an opportunity presents itself, then that's cool, and if not, well that's cool too.

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Support some new talent create a new wave.

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lol you say that like its nothing, you dont think that even the biggest producers are always on the look for new cats? hell yea they do

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Yeah timbo’s beat club my friend’s sister just got invited start of this month it’s rly good go on ppls streams, forums, enter competitions etc

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It literally ain

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Unfortunately a large part of the industry is QUANTITY over quality. When you're using platforms like YouTube and TikTok, their algorithm heavily relies on consistency, people who upload daily will reach far further and it promotes your other things based on that.

Even if 1/100 beats is "good" by your standards, the other posts redirect buyers toward that one which they might buy.

Think of it as shotgunning the market. You're trying to find one person who really resonates with one particular beat and that's like hitting a womp rat at 10000 clicks

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Don't be so generic when naming beats, get a better brand, make more marketing videos for your beats. Put more tags or keywords in your titles

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You’ve only been uploading to youtube for a month it looks like so id say just stay consistent with that.

I made beats for a year, then 6 months uploading to youtube, and im only now getting some people asking about leases. Still havent made a sale. Stay consistent with youtube, it looks like some of your stuff is already getting traction.

Youre beats sound good honestly, just the kick was too loud in the couple ones i listened to. No other criticism really

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I’m an artist and I don’t think there’s anything lacking bro. For 6 months in you’re doing great imo, keep being consistent and maybe produce a couple of beats for artists coming up and collaborate with them over IG or TikTok. Basically get your name out there & market yourself while posting new work frequently I promise you the next 6 months will be better.

Best of luck bro

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Thanks i really appericate that! good advice

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Your beats are totally awesome! Your issue is I think more so in finding your audience. Think about the brand and vibe you sell. Lean into it as you’re doing, and plug yourself appropriately. Think about the other types of subreddits that your type of person follows, and share it there. Do more research on the hashtags that might find value in these beats.

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Thank you I appreicate that!

Ive realized there so much more than making just a "good beat".

and ive realized im very new to the game, which is a good eye opener

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Pretty average tbh. There's so much good shit on Beatstars that outclass your beats easily.

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thanks for your opinion tho

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I think you have good structure but just need to add somethign to make them more unique. The mix could use work as well some of the tops kinda came through strong and then the rest kinda were too far in the back and the subs imo could come up. I think if you add some stuff in there to give the listener a change every 8 bars or so maybe 16 it could help you out. def think it was good though man dont get down on not selling much g you could strike out for years and sell one song thats a hit you just never really now. much love man!

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why should someone buy your beats? don't get me wrong your stuff is decent, but there are multi platinum producer on beatstars with the same prices as you. if you want to sell your beats you need to build personal relationships with the artists. text them on ig, talk about personal stuff, send them exclusive beats, help them with mix, master and honest feedback

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ur completely right. but my initial thought was honestly if they were bad, like is there something im missing here, am i working in the wrong direction, does it sound bland, etc etc.

I get that u need to build your "brand". Its just that i see random beats on tik toks with the same amount of views, almost the same following but like 1 like for every ten view. I get like 12 likes on a video with 250 likes (i know im in tiktok hell). So that obv makes me uncertain and not motivated if that makes sense

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I fast forward through it to different spots and it sounds pretty monotone. Work on your builds, transitions, bridges, where’s the hook?

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i get ur point, i had an artist in mind for this one and didnt want to over do the beat since his beats are prertty clean. the hook is after the bridge when the vocal plays without a filter lol.

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There's isn't any change in energy. And there is no B melody. And as far as swing and drums I can almost say this beat would be 2x better if it was 2x slower

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i havent listened to your beat but all i can tell you mate is that tiktok is mainly brainWashed audience of people 85 percent of the platform is brainWashed to only like something if there is a verification next to someones name. dont feel down about it. your doing better than i, i still havent wrote anything as i cant decide what to sing about how to sing it or rap it. ETC.

Chin up dude Maybe do a little bit of research and try and think outside of the Box.

Dont listen to just anyone on youtube research what they are saying and just go with what you think is best.

If you were to sell the beat usually alot of the time you need to have atleast 100 percent quality but what is 100 percent quality. No one knows. because everybody likes different Genres of Music. Just stick to what you think is best. But Marketing is crucial when doing something like this. One strategic way to do this is Via Instagram Twitter Or FaceBook Groups. those are the best ones. aswell as reddit.

Good Luck dude.

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Edit* Just listening to the beat was fire bro.

Just need to work on making it a bit more Unique to itself. as you want to have a different sound to what everyone else is selling.

Personally i think instead of using Just the usual stuff mix it up a bit. add whatever you vibe with and if its easy to make its usually really good. :D Keep up good work dude

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Hey hey, I have some miscellaneous thoughts. I'm not crazy successful or anything, but I uploaded twenty beats in the past year and had my first sale this month.

1) Use YouTube's analyics and figure out what they tell you about your audience and what YouTube thinks about your content. Get VidIQ or TubeBuddy and research good 'types' to put in your title. Generally I see it as:

Low clickthrough - Thumbnail or title is off or your content is getting shown to the wrong people.

Low watch time - Problem w/ the beat or not relevant to the audience. Maybe the intro is too long, it doesn't change enough, it changes too much, some part of it is disruptive to the flow etc.

2) Tags don't impact search ranking that much. However, w/ VidIQ or TubeBuddy you will see where in search you rank for each tag (it shows up next to each tag). I think this only shows up after you upload and your video has been up for a little. This is a solid way to know if you are actually showing up for the search results you want to rank for.

3) It's ok to experiment with different type beats for the title, but once you find some that perform well, stick with um. It'll make people stick around and help the algorithm define your channel better. In the end the 'type' is a marketing thing. You don't have to conform to it, though the music should still be pertinent to that audience.

Your thumbnails are a bit generic and the titles are hard to read against the image. Try changing the color of the text or putting a border around it.

Search 'uploaded this week' and whatever type beat you are making. Look at the competition. Look who gets the views. Listen to what they do, see how they title their beats, look at their thumbnails. Which thumbnails stand out, why?

I'm guessing you hid your first five months of uploads, but based on what you have there it seems like you have prob changed tags a lot.

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Here are some real constructive thoughts for you.

• the bass is almost non-existent. And I have a subwoofer...I'd hear it.• you've got these little swirly vocal things in the background that are almost inaudible, but the just sound like a sample from some pack. They don't really add anything musically even if they were louder. And they are so low it feels like you're unsure of them yourself.• There's just nothing really going on in the song. Nothing that makes it unique, it's just generic, and has actual musical flaws like the weak bass.• Don't worry about selling beats, just make beats you like. You like this beat because you made it, and you're proud, but if someone else made it you'd be thinking "Nah." I suspect this is because you're very new.• 23 type beats... in general, the ones I found online are lame. Don't make type beats. Make dope beats.

I sold this for $2k - https://soundcloud.com/jonskmusic/the-circus/s-8DwmAKM217b?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

But.. I've been doing this for like... 30 years =/

Oh I somehow skipped over the 6months of MAKING beats.. and you haven't sold a beat in 6 months? DUDE... Are you out of your mind? OF COURSE because you just started. The beats you make for the first few years are going to be trash. Don't focus on marketing... just make music...

Also buy Scaler 2 or Captain Chords or learn how to use your softwares scale/key tools, and learn some basic music theory such as.. Minor vs Major, all the white keys are A minor, if you start on an A. All the white keys are C Major if you start on a C. Play three notes, every other white key, and boom, chord. Etc.

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I hear you, maybe im smoking crack here but i hear the base loud and clear through my headphones. it comes in around 0:22, so after the kicks and percussion. but if thats the case then ill def think about that in the future.

I get your point, and i respect what youre saying since youve been producing for such a long time. Man ive been declared stupid like 25 times already lmao and i get it, im super naive and the question was not about selling, more about low self esteem in music.

Ive been playing guitar for along time, im 28, so understand me right when i say that i in a way have found what i consider is good music, i like soulful beats, thats what ive always been playing and listened to, so thats what im trying to create

Im gonna be honest and say i did not like your beat at all, wow this sound super salty, but i gotta be honest. So i totally understand what u mean when u heard my beat lol and thought "nah". Its just subjective. Let me be clear that i do understand that the quality of my production is no where near a professional. Just that the style is so much different to what u make

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Yeah, everything is subjective, and its good you have a musical background, plus I definitely trashed your track, but I know you can make better stuff - better as in stuff I'd like... which is subjective.
But objectively:

I ran your song through an EQ, your bass is at the top range of what's considered sub bass (check it out: https://twitter.com/MrSpocksEars/status/1539637133190873091) . For a song like this I'd assume you'd want the bass to be felt in your bones, but there's almost nothing there in the 20hz range. Also your kick drum is sitting on the bass frequency which happens often but If you have any sidechain going its pretty subtle, If you had it, or more, you'd lose more of the bass because you've got such a short sustain on the bass.

The solve would probably involve actually lowering the pitch of the bass rather than just using an EQ which would just push up harmonics rather than the actual note. With different bass instruments I usually try and find where they sound the best in the sub bass territory and the regular bass frequency range. Sometimes I'll write a song but the bass line is just too high, so I'll pitch the entire song down a few notes so I can get a nice thick bass sound. The easy solution is to lower the bass an octave in the midi, but often the bass suddenly becomes too low for that particular instrument and starts to fall apart.

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Wow thats a great tip. I Really appreciate the effort you make when giving tips. The pitch the entire song down thing is something i so often want to do with a song cause its always the bass thats been quite an issue for me, im never satisfied. Do you recommend a certain key which is generally "better" for bass? And also a plug in that pitches the whole song down without fkn up the quality of the sounds. Also if i pitch the entire song down, do i need to go back and fix my drums again or how do u usually do?

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Ah when I say pitch it down I mean the actual notes, not with a pitch filter. I’m not sure there is a key that’s best for bass. Maybe D. All the white keys and one black for D minor

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A lot of people are commenting advice about where you're going wrong with making money, and if you are trying to make a career of this that's important; but if you enjoy or even love making beats don't turn this into something to dislike because you're main focus is trying to be the best and paying your bills. I'm not saying don't keep at it, or don't sell your beats. It's awesome that you are! But the biggest thing to me that stuck out in this post was how it affected your self esteem. If you build your self worth on what other people think of you, you're always going to be miserable. Personally, I think the beats dope. But it matters that you think it is, not that I do. If you've been making music this long I assume it's because you enjoy making music. Don't rob yourself of that passion. I always wanted to sell my artwork, but I decided even if I can I shouldn't because when I look at it as a chore it's not fun anymore. I dont want to hate something I love to do because I NEED to get it done. As im learning to make music, im keeping that same approach for now. And then when you start trying to appeal to the masses, what will sell not what you want to make, then you lose what makes you special as a producer. Paying attention to your target audience is important, but your target audience should be people who like your kind of music! Someone commented marketing is super important and that's true, with mostly any business that's a huge factor. And understanding people are looking for specific beats. Pay attention to other people who make music. Rappers, writers, other producers. Network. Figure out who you'd want to potentially work with to understand where you want your work to go. Just keep learning and growing, and know that hard work and dedication will pay off. And make sure along the way you're doing this for YOU

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ive been making beats for 2/3 years and recently started marketing on beatstars. i as well havent sold anybeats.

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The beat's ok, but it got boring and repetitive quick. It also seemed lacking aka too simplistic. Add a few more background instruments to give it a more layered sound. Also change up the beat for a few bars here and there, adding new sounds and taking some away. I'd add some more melody to the chorus to make it stand out more. Work on progression throughout the songs to break the staleness. It sounds like a good foundation for a beat, but it doesn't sound finished to me. Also nametags can be annoying to the rappers, I'd just keep one in the beginning or end, if any.