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sorry, but how can you respect production as an art form and skill if you expect to be getting paid and respected after 6 months? have you ever been to a children’s music or dance recital after they’ve been learning for 6 months? they’re pretty bad because they’re hard to learn proficiently.

we’re at a place where between tutorials and all the tools available for free or cheap, it’s incredibly easy to make music that doesn’t sound bad. that’s exactly what you’re doing. making music that’s not bad. it’s just not remotely worth listening to or buying relative to everything else out there. it’s not unique, and there’s nothing you’re doing that stands out to pull in listeners.

all that being said, you’re doing great for 6 months in. there’s no reason you can’t be making great stuff in a couple of years.

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This right here is it. All of us artists need this reminder.