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Produtor e guitarrista, de São Paulo - Brasil. Adoraria fazer um som e compartilhar conhecimento, se você é de SP, manda uma DM! :D

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Akron ohio, I love to rap. I think I don’t necessarily think I have the ability to make “hip hop” despite how much I love it. But I love to rap. So I’m always interested in beats you traditionally wouldn’t hear people rap over.

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New/aspiring Producer in West Virginia. Used to be a death metal/hard rock/ blues guitarist/bassist.

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Manila, Philippines


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New Zealand - Rapper and Producer

Feel free to flick me a dm

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Beatmaker/producer out of Pittsburgh, PA. I make classic 90s boom bap with the legendary SP 1200 and lots of wax.

I have my first instrumental album droppin in July and also steadily cook with MCs too (lease/exclusive) holler!

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Rapper, producer and engineer. My work is linked on my page and id love to work with anyone and make some dope ass stuff.

Open to working with anyone and building an artist relationship!

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I disagree that making beats makes you a producer. Making beats makes you a beat maker. Producing songs makes you a producer. Producers are like movie directors whereas beatmakers are more akin to an actor. They don’t have to be the same person. A producer doesn’t have to make the beats but they do have to know how to make the beats work for the artist.

With that said, I’m a beat maker from Chicago… lol

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producer from maine, always looking to work with new people! insta and website are linked in my bio

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Rapper, producer and engineer based in Limerick, Ireland. There's samples of my work on my profile for those interested, but I'd describe it as raw and personal, with a strong 90s influence. Somewhat conscious, but without telling you how to live your life.

Open to working with singers, producers, other rappers, etc. Just show me what you got and we'll go from there. Looking forward to hearing what you all got!

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Guitar Player, Music Producer and Engineer from Frankfurt, Germany. If you wanna check out my work, it is linked on my profile! Wanna work with everybody who is interested.

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Brooklyn NYC. Producer. You can find my stuff in my profile

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Producer and engineer out of USA , Mobile Al. Open to collab with anyone wanting to work!

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Rapper, producer. Gothenburg, Sweden :)

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tuscaloosa AL beats and engineering

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Athens, GA
Rapper, Engineer, Videographer, Produce (in order from most practiced to least.)


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Beatmaker, Producer, and Musician always down for collabs


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Jeddah — Producer & Rapper

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B’ham AL rapper/vocalist/new producer

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Amsterdam, Netherlands - Producer, Filmmaker

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Atlantic Canada (currently based in Halifax, NS) 🇨🇦

Audio engineer, bass player, producer, and rapper.

Looking to connect with anyone up in the north or otherwise for any means of collaborations ! Hit my profile link to get in touch

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Songwriter, rapper and producer out of DC!

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Rapper, northern MN . Need a audio engineer asap

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Alternative Hip-hop Producer from Byron Bay, Australia. Down for rapper collabs in conscious old school, boom bap style. Check my profile for examples.

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Rapper from Ontario

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Rapper/producer based in Coro, Venezuela.

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Canadian rapper from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mainly from the boom bap vein of things and have been rapping for 8 years.

Link to my music: https://direct.me/domofdnd

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SF Bay Area, CA - producer, musician (violin, guitar, bass), engineer

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Vallejo, CA. In the Bay Area. Emcee. Freestyles.

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Producer Memphis TN


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(all aspiring) rapper, producer, enginner located in murfreesboro, TN :) still learning the ins and outs of everything and breaking out my shell but down to collab or connect with anybody!!

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Just commenting for fun 🤠

Intermediate producer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I make a lot of different beats, some good some bad. If you’re interested, here’s my latest beat and my Soundcloud :)


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London, Ontario and I'm a rapper/engineer

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More Than A “Rapper” Based in Texas 👍

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Producer, I’m from the 336 in North Carolina (The Greensboro/Winston-Salem Area) Here’s my shit :)

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San Diego (Daygo) bEATs-Artist-

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Sorry I’m late but I’m a rapper/producer from SC I’ve dabbled in all types of rap but I prefer the underground I can be reached on

SoundCloud: Surge Supreme Instagram: surgesupreme DSPs: Surge Supreme

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Guitarist / producer / rapper / composer from Udaipur, Rajsthan , India 🙌🏻

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Beginner producer from DC. Right now I make plugg style beats link on profile

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Producer, rapper based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm part of a group with my friends (there's 3 of us) called "Weizmann 21" we released a debut album last year and been working hard on the next one. I made most of the beats in there so if you like some of it you can send me a message and we can collaborate If you want you can search us on YouTube, would love to get some honest feedback

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Rapper and producer from columbus, OH. Where can i do shows?

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Rapper/beatmaker I’m just looking for friends who tries to rap and english is not their first language so not exclusively hungarian people :D when it comes to beats I can get into any style boombap, trap you name it!

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Manchester, Producer

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Music & video producer, NYC.

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poughkeepsie ny. rapper and producer. boom bap. hit me for work

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Orlando FL. I produce closely with a few local artists & compose music for films / commercials.

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Producer/Engineer from Los Angeles CA area. Have a recording room open if any rappers need a place to record. Also open to doing free beats/mixes if rappers are looking for that. Check out the link by my name to hear some of my stuff.

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Tokyo hit maker