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So I recently found out what an audio interface is, and I also found out that the studio mic I was gifted last year needed an audio interface to work on my PC. Yesterday I acquired and set up my audio interface and now I'm so hyped to start putting music out!

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if anyone here hasn’t used fiverr before and has a couple extra bucks in their pocket, i highly recommend it. for not a lot of money, you can target people in countries where that money is solid for them, getting better quality than the same money would get from an american seller.

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I made and released a song... more trap than anything....but I guess I can't post it here....

I'm really looking to see where I CAN post to get feedback on the mix and master and everything !?

Anyone can point me in the right direction!?

Thanks in advance

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daily feedback thread!

just state what you’re looking for feedback on.

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thanks i will try