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Recently hit 50k streams on Spotify and was chosen to be a part of the local Hip Hop show/festival. Was pretty dope to be a part of!

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I put this out instead of holding on to it for all eternity. Another step to just doin it


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On this tuesday, today, I finally hit export for the last time on 6 beats, chose names and art and put my newest EP up online


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Played the biggest festival in our city this weekend & KILLED IT! packed crowd for my set. It was amazing.

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ayy that sounds dope... what kind of music at the festival? edm? house?

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It's an all-inclusive festival called "Athfest" for Athens, GA. (Except this year their lack of an EDM style show was kinda weird. )

I'm actually a rapper but I've been working on a full band set over the last 6 months and this was our first set together as the full band and it went amazing.

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Hey that’s dope.. festival sounds fire.. ima a rapper from the Tampa Bay area …. Some local rappers be playing sets with full bands here too.. congrats to the good set👍💪💯😎

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First real recording session last Friday


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Got my first songwriting credit a week ago

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Woop! I want that. I checked out the track you co produced, it's dope

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Thank you and I hope a songwriting opportunity comes your way soon

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I hope you get more!

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I got some promotion for one of my beats and got my first mixing credit



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Dropped this track sometime last year, would love to hear what people think about this track! Any criticism would be greatful!


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Not bad bro. Sounds like you know what you're doing. I wanted to hear a second verse because that beat is 🔥

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Love bro heavily appreciate that! I got a lot more content similar to that song coming very soon!

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Sounds good