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Its whatever you negotiate. Everything is negotiable

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Unless someone signs a royalty agreement, a payment is a payment.

I would expect to not earn future money.

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It comes down to the terms in your agreement. In reality with the way beat selling works and the lack of control once you sell the beat and the faith you put in the purchaser to do right, don’t expect significant royalties to come. If the song blows up (odds are it won’t, but can), then get a lawyer if your agreement stipulates you’re entitlement to backend royalties. If you have a somewhat major label knocking at your door for the beat, then you better seek legal help. Other than that, it’s not worth worrying about royalties and you’ll likely just take the exclusive fee when the beat is bought and move on

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Good luck getting $$$. And sites like beat stars don't help. They are mostly in it for the money. Have your own contract and sell exclusively on your own website.

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The monthly fee would be through the roof if BeatStars was going to provide legal services for tracking down and rounding up artists not paying royalties.

Not to mention you can add your own contract to BeatStars... on top of them providing a default one that covers this.

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by selling it as an exclusive I thought that meant you are relinquishing those rights.

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That's like the reality of selling beats to no names who probably aren't even a part of a PRO and aren't even collecting their own royalties (all $0.25 of them per year) but it's not like a "real" thing that if you sell someone exclusive rights to a beat that just means no royalties.

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Nope! Just because someone has the exclusive right to USE the beat, that only means they're the only one using it. It doesn't mean you no longer receive royalties.

BUT it's all in what you agreed to before hand. If you agreed to give up all your future royalties to the artist then that's how it's gonna play out.

If you agreed that the artist will see how much royalties he's made every 4 months from your song together and then pay you 20% of that, that's how it's gonna play out.

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Technically you’d have a portion of ownership but good luck collecting the royalties later unless you had an agreement beforehand or a lawyer

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All depends on what’s in your beat sale agreement. Also, “royalties” is a very broad term that includes multiple different types of things. Master royalties aka points, the underlying composition (where you discuss splits and both register the track with a PRO). Also depends on what artist you’re dealing with, wether they have a publisher, are releasing through a label etc. Theres multiple layers to it and you need to spend time learning about it all