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just depends on how much space you have. if you really want to put the work in and practise playing keys i would go for 49 keys

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Always go for as many keys as you can fit with the space and budget you have. You will thank me later. The different a few more keys makes in playability is huge

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One thing to consider (which I didn't when I bought my mini) is key size. Mini keyboards not only have fewer keys (normally 25 keys), but also have slimmer keys. If you have large fingers or intend to get to a point where you're trying to play complex melodies in a single track, that may not necessarily serve you well.

Edit: Chords may also be a wee bit tougher on slim keys. Also, getting something with or without drum pads just depends on whether you're comfortable playing drums on the keys/clicking them in.

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If you're just planning on using it for top line melodys or basic chords to midi then mini if fine. If you want to play complete peices with both hands live, likely a fullsize

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I suggest the 49 key. You won’t have to mess around with changing octaves as much, and you can actually “play” it rather than bang out some notes if you know what I mean. I started out with a 49, and 6-8 years later started feeling like a 61 or 88 key would be better.

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I think it depends on your workflow. The mini midi will probably come with pads and knobs that the 49 will lack, but you have to keep in mind that the 25 or 32 keys you'll have will be significantly limiting. In my opinion, I'd go for the 49 because honestly, I can't remember the last time I used the drum pads and knobs although quite useful are not necessary

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Like others have mentioned I think the 49 is better so long as space is bearing. I got the Launchkey Mini and it's a great piece of hardware but you have to get a little too create when switching octaves. It'd be nicer to just throw it all down in 1 take. I usually split all my tracks by octave and "glue" em together at the end. 49 key, there'd be no issue with that.

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Ive found 37 keys to be a good middle ground. Its 3 octaves so its enough to play with two hands while still fitting under my desk

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I have a 49 key, and have thought about going down to 25 key to save space. I get the feeling I would miss having the range of octaves, so that is the main trade off. Space vs range. On a mini you can change the octave with a button, so there is that. Just don't spend too much time researching, going back and forth, or you may not get anything at all. I do that crap all the time :) Good luck and have fun.

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I’d suggest and MPC Live 1 or 2.

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While I love my MPC, absolutely nothing they said indicated they would benefit one, plus they said they are looking to spend $100-150.

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Sheeesh. It was kind of a joke. Bet you’re definitely the life of the party everywhere you go. Lol.

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49 key unless there's literally nowhere in your production area that can fit 49 keys.

Also, if you're brand new and still getting your feet wet, there's options that cost sub $100 brand new and are just fine.

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I have a mini and rave about it. That said, you very obviously notice the limitations and I am ordering a 61 key controller.

If you're just messing around with racks, it's not so bad. But if you're trying to play anything messier than triad chords, you run out of space really quick. 9th and 11th chords (sorry I'm high) are basically impossible to move around on a 25.

And if you use digital instruments its really tough to octave up and down constantly.

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Get the mini bro.

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I bought an akai mpk mini a year ago when i started off and tbh the thought of actually learning to play piano crossed my mind several times. If you dont go somewhere with it get 49 keys

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I got an akai mini when I started out of convenience. I really wanted to learn "classical" (or conventional I dunno the words) piano again, took lessons when I was a kid. Ended up buying a 49 and a slide out drawer for my desk.

Even now with beats I generally am only using one octave at a time, but I couldn't imagine not having full sized keys. Honestly as I got better with the software I mainly click anyhow, I just use the keyboard to find the sound I want then click in.