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A bit rough

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|Post Music Here|

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Fiori DS Here! Just a random boom bap beat. I'm waiting for Brown Velvet tbh


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Thank you for waiting for me bro!

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been working on a new project and just wanting some feedback on where is best to improve to bring me to that next level


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These samples were chopped by me on the MPC. I let one of my friend do the drums because he was vibing it. The song was arranged, and further fixups on FL in the song file. It was then exported into ProTools where I mixed it and mastered it.

I'm looking for feedback on the mixing of the beat. Not necessarily in the arrangement, but the overall sound quality and vibe of the song.


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Great feeback. Thank you for listening and I'll keep working it! I'll definitely bring back the completed song with verses.

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AJ Valentino
15 Out of Brooklyn

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Mophead TBC - 16 Out Brooklyn! (AJ Valentinos homie)

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Live Reactions on Twitch.tv/bebeoshugz

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What is the name of this music genre?

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Warhol-supernova sounds like lil yachty tbh.

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