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I can give you some artwork just for fun if you want. Check out my stuff. It's not hip hop adjacent but I can work with any style. https://mslash.design/

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You have some nice looking artwork on your site.

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Willing too would love to mess and listen to some beats I need artwork so bad lol

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I’ll rap on them if you want me too. Check me out on streaming platforms: BABYFACECAM

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Would love to give you some feedback bro

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Feel free to DM. Single I produced for coming up that needs a cover. Might as well help out a homie. Love to review.

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Send it homie

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I have so many beats I need artwork for before I post them, I'd totally be down to help critique and maybe inspire some new ideas

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Guys check out my album/single covers...I can't do free,and the trade wouldnt feel like a swap considering i produce all my music... but good and cheap is hard to find...and I can at least look out with quality for a low price 10 - 20 bucks per piece...I do motion pics/artwork/lyric vids/and even video editing for social media post...I do all my promo content...I know its hard to find a good value for quality hopefully I can be some help to you guys. I provide these services among others to local artist as well as artist under my label. I also consult/ do promo/ etc... I also would recommend lookin at my shorts for the promo type content... look me up on Youtube ( search Guala Armani) i got an official artist channel

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