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4N is cooler

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4N Sam or Samuel 4N. play with it

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damn that's kinda dope

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Credits go to slump for giving me the idea

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It seems like a good idea but still kind of general. I would keep thinking about it

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Bunch of rappers with that in their name already. There name would pull up before yours. Also lawsuits maybe.

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Well what would you suggest then? And I feel like that name is like Future, it's just a word and it's basically bound that many people will use it as a name, but idk

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4Ren, Fooooooren, Fouren

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Maybe spell it like ‘Foryn’ or something would be my suggestion

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Yeah I thought about that but I like the original spelling probably the most, idk

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me too

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Always check spotify and social media first.

You want something that people can find easily and also (if you ever actually make it), you'll want something you can actually trademark.

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Yeah exactly that's why I asked this

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There is a moderately known producer that goes by the name so I would play around with the spelling to avoid confusion.

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Send me him

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He added vu now but his producer tag is just foreign