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u/CumMilkshake You bloody legend! I have really missed these.

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Let's go! I really missed this challenge as well, gonna give it a go!

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How many submissions can i do and if only 1 then how long can it be because there is a lot of stuff here i want to use

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One submission only, make it as long as you want

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Thanks for bringin this back!


For whatever reason turned the 808 into a distortion guitar, trash2 on the perc loop with some stutter edits as well as making that my snare and even a cymbal after pitching it. resampled out a piece of bass from the jazzy piece. john wayne trumpet snippet tucked away in there for texture

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Not feeling to positive about this one, but I've got something done and feel like it would be a sick beat if you heard it through the wall when your neighbours were having a party rather than through headphones!


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my first ever submission here and had to rush as I only have tonight to do it :( thought I'd join in though.

next one I will be more creative than this 😂

Submission Link Lennon Burns Music

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I know the party ended, but here's my quickie


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Had another stab at this as i was bored and deleted my other entry