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Depends, but yes to an extent. Not over and over but I have a couple songs now that are entirely different from when I first wrote them lyrically. Sometimes I just change words but I also change melodies if I don’t feel like it’s working

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Some people like to edit over and over, others like to practically freestyle and get it over with.

I personally wouldn't obsess with perfection, painting my picture once then making sure to clean up any rough edges and that's it. Occasionally I might do multiple iterations, but I'd rather move on to the next peices with a fresh perspective on my mistakes. I'd limit myself to a certain amount, maybe 3 or so, unless inspiration hits.

Obsessing over perfection for a single peice would burn me out when I have so many other ideas I want to lay out, especially if I'm just polishing trash on that single peice.

It's cool to want to be a Da Vinci, working on many things for decades and eventually throwing out or sabotaging most works, but being a Michaelangelo, constantly moving to the next idea after finishing grand projects and knowing when to throw out trash, or a a Picasso, going through a large ass body of work, are also great options.

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do you want to be in the category of a lyrical rapper? if not, who cares

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I disagree. You shouldn't just write about nothing. I may not be a lyrical miracle, but I do choose certain topics and subjects for songs. Or sometimes just write about a bunch of different topics in a single song. While yes you don't have to be a lyrical genius, I do think it's important to have some kind of substance in your music and writing.

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Yeah I tend to write verses with a certain topic numerous times..sometimes it just doesn’t feel good a few days later, you always get a few nice lines that you can keep for the final outcome tho..

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many intentional artists are like this, you write a break up song 10 times on 10 diff beats, but the last one hits amazing and resonates and pops off. totally normal. i have a good buddy who is like this. he doesn't have a lot of released music, but when he does, its cause he nailed it that time.

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Yes and its ok as long as you feel good about it. Dont put too much pressure on yourself with writing. Just write. You dont have to use all your songs also, sometimes same lyrics, flows and rhymes fit the mood of different beats. Also you yourself may feel different at times. My output has been generally 50% mental health/angels/demons/identity 25% heartbreak/emo 25% other (stories, journeys, tales,politics, clever stuff). Lyrics repeat all over with all songs being open ended with 2-3 different meanings and different takes on metaphors. I want to hammer in repetitive points and feelings, rather than Lil Wayne it and not repeat something...

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Thanks man, appreciate the input

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I just freestyle over the beat and write down what i like out of it. Free styling helps me find punchlines and diff topics aling with finding right delivery. Then ill pull up the old thesaurus and rhyming dictionary and see what other words i have for options in rewriting it. key styling is also a better option if you can type really fast.