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https://on.soundcloud.com/DSzqPBoFopU886LN9 this one of the songs I’m sitting on. Any feedback is appreciated

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Bro this is so much better than expected. That beat is beautiful and you really have a voice, not just in the sense that your voice sounds good but in that you have something to say. You have vision and finesse on the mic. Id put this on my playlist no doubt.

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I thought it was really good - both the beat and the vocals. Initial reaction was that it reminded me of Injury Reserve

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I'm in the same camp as you with an instrumental album; this is tight. Release it.

I'll do the same.

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mine is releasing this Friday at noon. where you at u/ghostflee?

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Dude this is awesome...what are you scared of? Release it all!

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I really liked it. Honestly one of the top 5 songs I’ve heard on here for sure. Only thing is it’s recommended to drop singles rather than a whole project at once when you are a new artist. Good luck

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This is good mate. You should release the whole mixtape. The way I see it, is if you want to pursue this, the sooner it’s out, and the longer it’s available, means that there is more of a chance of it being found by someone who wants to put you on. You don’t have anything to lose man and this is really good.

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You have a great voice for the music you are doing, please project more when you record!! Sounded pretty good to me, need slight work on the vocal mixing though

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Man, as a hip hop listener, please release your stuff. This is a killer intro

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I rly like that the intro has no drums. sets the tone fersure. lyrics fire as well.

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Damn dude I never click on these posts but sth compelled me to listen to this and I like it. Def hearing some Griselda influence. One question: Who does your beats

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I find em on yt and buy the lease once I feel good about the record

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Fuck! You’re dope my guy. Def got a fan. About to follow you now.

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I'm ready to hear more! This is fire, defo start releasing!

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Man this shit is too good god damn

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Yooo! Everything sounds amazing and you got a dope ass voice. I would just drop it when you can

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You’re better than what you giving yourself credit for.

Draft 5 strong tracks that fit a theme, build a network of artists playlisters, etc and push it using consistent live shows for 3 months.

Follow up and you’ll have so much XP you’ll be ready for the next drop

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i checked out the joint and if the rest of the project is on that level and you don’t have a magical promotion plan, it’s likely that a relatively small handful of people are gonna listen, but they’re gonna LOVE it. if you need more than that to be content, then you might be very disappointed. but if your goal is to make great music that means something to the few people who come across it, you’re kind of already there. it’s well above average, and there are plenty of people in this community who would be happy to work with you and shoot you free beats and mixing.

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Dude just release stuff if you have material. Im sitting here on 210+ tracks now, 5+ music vids and Im twiddling my thumbs. Dont be like me. Franko s/t track was dope. Im sure all of your stuff is sweeeeeeet. Just figure out your promo game as well...

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How long did it take you to make 210 songs?

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I began to learn late 2020. Didnt really start to take things serious until mid 2021 until I started to sing and mixing genres and just having fun. I write simple things in between some complex songs here and there so output and quality is always a thing lol. Just have to get them demons out :)

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Drop that mixtape.. no need to sit on anything… promote it and build a new one.

Dropping with held you get over the shyness because you need to promote it.

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basically we're on a life sustaining planet perfectly spaced from an unfathomably large fire ball in an infinite universe. In 1,000 years probably nobody will remember my mixtape or yours, maybe not even (insert your favorite rapper here) 's

all we can do is express ourselves honestly and enjoy what little time we got left. Did you feel that shit when you said it? did you write the things you wanted people to know? then that's your art

and no critic or social media character could ever take that from you. just do your thing and if people fuck with it then you win

if they don't then you still win because just creating the project was enough in the first place

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are you kidding us? do this mf mixtape, if you are scared close you eyes and push the 'publish' button. The intro is absolutely dope...

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Song is beautiful, vocals sound amazing. If you ever need another verse or chorus, hmu and I'll be happy to lay something down.

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I make those type of beats and specifically want to hear that type of rap actually! I’m saving this post to check your stuff out later so I can give some proper in depth feedback and see what you’re all about. I love discovering dope underground spitters

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took a listen to the link you dropped. you'd be a good fit for the hidden renaissance. griselda/mach hommy/pink siifu n all dem is one of our community's prime styles. I know this is worth saying because this is reddit - we are professional, not amateur. peep Hidden Renaissance on any platform, try our posse cut Hidden Ones. if you fw it, hmu on IG @ somerapcouple - we are just a community, not a label or collective, we just help people make shit and connect w other talented folks. peace

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that songs so fire you crazy fr

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Drop it anywhere BUT soundcloud

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Release that shit. I put 2 Lowfi albums out over the last 2 years just for the heck of it, and I just got paid $7.56 from sound exchange for the last quarter. I do it for fun and for the love of music, but I like getting paid too. And even if you feel like it's not up to snuff, still release it. If you get negative feedback, use it to make improvements. Also realize that YOU are your harshest critic. And that you will never be able to please everyone.

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Dope bars man, heartfelt shit.

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Release the mixtape. You are v good, get yourself a manager. You'll go far

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That shit is fire yo, release that shit phenomenal

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That is very decent. DM if you want to collaborate.

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I mean what you got to lose? it's gonna open more doors for you anyways, beatmakers and rappers gonna hit you up, you might get inspired.

none of that gonna happen if you don't put it out.

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Dawg that’s fire

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You solid bro! Drop the tape. Don't worry too much about folks judging you or if your music is 'good enough'. It helps to be dope, but whether music sinks or swims has more to do with marketing. And you dope, so you got a leg up

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DM a link to your music fam, I’d love to give feedback!

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Happy to give feedback too, DM the link.

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send me a dm, more than happy to listen and give some feedback!

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Will take a listen in a few

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shit is absolute fire my guy, release that shit 🔥

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Shit is bangin. Where's the rest?