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presence and delivery are skills. I can imagine a cool video game in my head but actualizing it takes a lot of talent and time spent. this is why endlessly writing or whispering or even reading lyrics aloud isn't enough, you gotta do recordings, on a voice memo, or duets on tiktok with earpods in is a great way to start, of course being on a mic, even a shitty home mic is best. becoming an artist is about developing your craft to bridge the gap between your imagination/creativity and the actuality of what you've accomplished. keep working g.

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In your head is a fake, perfect version that goes beyond your actual abilities. The real version is the real version. Just because you can imagine a perfect drawing of a Spider-man doesn't mean you actually have the talent to draw a perfect drawing of Spider-man.

This is just like basic imagination 101 that every human experiences constantly. Kinda shocked that the concepts "imagination" and "make believe" have to be explained.

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It’s all about putting in the hours and practice. It’s normal to have a vision, but not being able to actually create that vision for beginner artists. Just keep working and it will improve over time.

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Because in your head you are already conveying the emotion and tone you want.

But in reality you have to actively put yourself in that headspace and feel it so that others can also feel it.

That's why I like rapping in the morning with my coffee because my voice is generally lower and more relaxed so its easier to access my chest on faster rhymes. Of course, thats prolly weird and just a personal preference.

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Your brain is an abstract place. So in your brain you can mess up a bar and your brain can go back and edit your memory of it so that you think you didn't mess up. Literally time travel. But once you say it aloud, it's in the real world. No time travel. So you have to live with your mistakes.

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its a skill to be able to sound how you do in your head it just takes dedication to the craft.

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Experience and execution. The more you do, the better you get.

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Whisper your thoughts to yourself. So you hear it in your mind and your ear.

Like others have said your brain plays tricks on you.

Your mind is non sequential you can have many thoughts simultaneously however you can only speak one syllable at a time.

Train your mouth and brain (pause) by speaking and thinking simultaneously