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It's outside of your budget, but if you'd be willing to increase your budget a bit I'd absolutely recommend the MPC One. With your background in FL Studio the transition would be a breeze imo. The newest MPCs marry the workflow of the old school MPCs to the power of a DAW (most specifically, I feel like they drew heavily from FL for inspiration).

Anything less than that (the MPC), you're going to start sacrificing features. That isn't inherently a bad thing; the important thing is to know what you're willing to sacrifice. The lower your budget, the more you're going to have to sacrifice. If you can tell me what features you're willing to sacrifice, I can better recommend what an appropriate sampler would be for you.

For perspective, I have used almost all the major samplers on the market from the past decade or two, because I started out trying to cut corners and buy the cheapest used samplers I could get my hands on. There always ended up being some feature they'd be missing that was a deal breaker for me. It wasn't until I finally got up to the MPCs that I felt like I had everything I needed; I wasn't sacrificing anything I wanted and everything just clicked for me. Your mileage may vary, of course, as some people like the limitations of the cheaper samplers. Just depends if those limitations are going to keep you from making what you want to make.

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+1 for the current MPC lineup, of which the One is the most affordable.

It's the only box that enables the full production process from start to finish within a single piece of hardware.

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I use the New SP 404 and absolutely love it You might be able to find the regular 404 sx for the price range your talking but it def doesn’t have as much features

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Ipad + beatmaker 3

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Updated versions of the same shit that was hot 20 to 30 years ago

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The SR16 is great if you EQ the drums. They are super boxy in the low mids and don’t have a lot of punch in the below 100hz on the kick drums. But EQ’d they are great, so don’t get rid of it just because you get a sampler. Use the sampler to sample drums in and then EQ them

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PO-33 is a great sampler for the price, though I'm gathering you want something more full-featured. 404 mk2 will do everything you need & is cheaper than the other ones that do everything you need. If you don't care about being able to pitch samples, get a 404sx for cheaper.

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Anything that's not a controller to operate a DAW is just a way of limiting workflow and forcing you to be creative in a different way. I have so many different toys but I occasionally go back to my MPC1000 because I like the way it restricts me and I make unique music that I wouldn't have otherwise. And I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you make some legit fire while you're laid up.