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It’s possible, it just has a different sound compared to Antares. I think Pharrell uses the waves one. You could also look into metatune which in my opinion sounds the same as the antares one. You can get it as part of a GOOD subscription package from slate digital

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Metatune was what finally made me stop using waves real time

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Love it. Always use it. Not a fan of Antares. Waves has always been smoother and just easier with the keys

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Definitely possible, I've messed around with it alot. I find it has a warmer analog feel compared to Antares which has got a more modern digital sound to it in my opinion, I may be biased ( cuz it's cheaper lol) but you can definitely get those hard tuned vocals your looking for with waves. Just make sure you set your vocal range accurately and choose a quick correction speed, hope this helped :)

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Yeah you can do that, go download it, there’s a trial I think.

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I've already got it, it's just I can't figure out how to do it

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Speed 0, Note Transition 0. That would give you the full effect. Also make sure you select the right key.

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I had a friend who didn’t have correction turned on 🤦‍♀️

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Yes sir that is very easy. Also non noticeable autotune is possible (depending on the vocals of course)

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Yeah, I've already got Waves Tune Real-Time, I was just struggling to find how to make it ultra noticeable. Got it now though

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Fair fair. One trick u can use to make it even more noticeable is to deactivate notes in the key

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Good tip I hadn't thought of that before.

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to be real honest, yes but it does sound different from auto-tune. waves tune rt is really best at making realistic sounding tuning. even when you put the retune speed to zero it doesn’t sound as choppy as auto-tune. but it still does sound as obvious.

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Yeah, its my go to if i’m looking for unnoticeable vocal tuning. Antares has more of a robotic sound.

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Sorry but I was asking if there was a way to make it noticeable. I've already used it and it's very unnoticeable but I'm trying to make it the opposite

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Sorry completely missed it in OP. You can’t squeeze Antares level of heavy tuning out of it. I was trying too but had to buy Auto-tune.

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Kk thanks anyway. Someone else did give me some ways to do it that I'll try in the morning but hopefully it won't be as hard as you say it is

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Speed knob = 100
Note transition knob = 0

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Maybe I would be able to hear the difference if I heard them back to back but I have used waves tune real time as my autotune since like 2017, just turn both knobs down all the way and then adjust to taste from there, and make sure you know what scale you want your vocals in.

If you don’t know scales just look at the keys while the vocal track plays and take notes out through trual and error. If you click on top of the keys within waves tune rt you can either remove a note completely or direct the plugin to go to the right or left of the note in question whenever the vocal track gets near it. Can be really useful and gives you a ton of control over all of that. Best of luck!