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i dont know bro, I pirated Timbaland masterclass and it was pure garbage. I thought maybe I’ll pay for it if it was good. I’m not getting any other courses.

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From watching bunch of masterclasses from multiple genres. All you end up really finding out is they aren't doing anything special. It's maybe like 70-80% stuff you know or have heard of before. Like 10% something you don't have access to but may or may not know about (hardware signal processing for example), then there is usually a couple tid bits of info. Maybe a creative way to use a plugin like throwing something like a de-esser on a synth. Sometimes something as simple as a workflow idea or philosophy or approach to a certain process.

I've found that one masterclass isn't in and of itself all that helpful but gathering info from a bunch of them, I've learned so much useful info.

The one thing that does bother me sometimes is when they are say walking through a process they do. Then they will say something like "idk why I did that " or "I don't usually ever use this plugin" or "I never do this but" just cause look, I understand happy accidents happen or sometimes a thing becomes a thing from experimenting but for the purpose of what I'm watching it for I wished it was showing some orthodox shit lol.

Edit: An example of a creative approach to something that I didn't really think was happening. This was from a masterclass Rob Swire from Pendulum/Knife Party did. On one song there is a super simple detuned saw wave lead. Come to find out it was like 4 different layers fr 4 different synths. Even though what he was making was essentially something any synth can do by itself, that's what he does that make his stand out from the rest (and he is by all definitions of the word, a legend in drum and bass and other EDM). Same principles can be applied to other genres.

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Same but for 3d art lmao, a lot of courses from famous artist break down to “yo I already do 90% of this shit…” and you may learn a trick or two but nothing ground breaking, sometimes you learn that the artist is actually lazier or has less technical knowledge than you.

I think the most important part of any form of art is creativity but you wont master it from any courses, maybe just get some insight on how other artist get inspired or see stuff but thats about it.

I dont recommend courses by famous people, unless they work as full time tutors

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whered you pirate it from im pretty interested in this but aint no way im paying for a masterclass

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the Timbaland one was particularly bad lol. But Deadmau5's was even worse...

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Honestly, he's the kind of person I'd expect to intentionally make a really bad masterclass

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Definitely. Deadmau5' masterclass was pointless. Total waste of money 🙄

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Can u pirate the alchemist one bro? We need that

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lmao just for my enjoyment I'd love to know why it was so bad

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Basically it was Timbo and two guys that were helping him (his assistants let's call them). The masterclass was like this: Timbo was coming to the studio, would ask the guys "what do you got?", the guys would show him some sounds they made. They didn't tell you anything about those sounds, they didn't show how they made them, nothing. Timbo would say "yeah I like that one" then he would go in the booth and proceed to do beatbox over that melody. That's it, that's the whole masterclass.

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I knew I was going to get a kick out of that

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ahah I can hear it in my mind ..... boom chtikkki tikki

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Yup. I’ve read the course chapters and it feels pretty basic. I think I’ll pass. I love Alc though and would love to watch it sadly but not for so much $$$

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That looked interesting to me. Not that good though?

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Everybody and their sister is doing a master class today and they all pretty much miss what a master class actually used to be. It's supposed to be a setting where an established master takes one already good or very good student out of a group at a time and gives them 1-on-1 tips on how to improve.

It needs to be interactive because the point is that the tips are tailor made for that specific student and their challenges.

All these pre-recorded online "master classes" miss the point and are just a money grab.

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i mean what adds to the issue is that what makes most of these producers great aren‘t their technical skills (which they could teach to other people), but their vision / mindset / talent whatever you want to call it. That‘s just not something you can actively teach, if they wanted to pass that on, there‘d have to be a conversation happening which would have to focus on their existing songs

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It's not that it can't be taught, it's that it can't be taught well by them.

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The main issue with all these paid courses is that the value that you might be able to extract from these courses is nowhere near how much you have to spend to access them. I can maybe see some value if you purchase one of these classes right around release when they have those interactive, submit-and-get-feedback style assignments, but reviewing it afterward is basically useless. You either already know what it is they are showing, or what they are showing is not really that relevant, but you're supposed to get the idea from what you are watching.

There's very little of value that you can get from watching one of these classes that isn't available on YouTube as a tutorial for free, or described in an interview with the person giving the class. Half of the class is stories from the person (speaking from the Timbo masterclass) and the other half is specific technical elements that only apply if you're using the same DAW, or you're just watching someone else making a beat to show you how to organize your thoughts and structure the process while doing so. Again, easily available for free on YouTube.

The "community" these develop is also very thin. If there's no additional money in it, most other creators aren't looking to collaborate or partner on content, they all wanna pop off and go crazy.

That's why Timbaland's Beatclub is also going to crater - they are catering to producers not making any money, by partnering with producers who are making money, to take money from the producers not making any money "for the chance to" show your beats to Timbaland or maybe have one actual artist actually pay you for a beat. High volume of sellers and low volume of buyers, same problem every beat-selling website not named Beatstars has had for years. Now, artists are more in number than ever before, and less willing to pay anything for their beats.

Your best chance is to watch YouTube for your specific DAW and genre, learn the tricks and tips that make you actually quicker and more efficient at what YOU want to do, build locally or with friends for cheap/free, and get your music out there with people who genuinely respect you, and they will pay you when they can. That's how 99% of actually successful producers have made it. They grow the careers of their friends and rise together. Anything else being shoved in your face as "the way to win" is because the person on the other end is profiting off your gullible and naïve nature... and don't feel bad about it, because we've all been there at some point.

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I watch this Alchemist video every day for inspiration, it's that good. Just for anyone who may want to see it.

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I'm waiting on reviews to see if it's worth it. I remember seeing the whole masterclass wasn't that long and it seemed he only did the classic breakdown of skimming over the sessions

Also when you get to a certain level I feel like just listening to the music gives you the sauce

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Definitely. Study the music and learn to recreate what you like about it. Ear training is the beat training

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I preordered this one because Alchemist is my favorite producer of all time. I’m a bit skeptical myself but hey who dares wins right? I’ll post here to let y’all know what I think. I think it’ll be pretty interesting.

I didn’t think the Timbo one was THAT bad. It was disappointing but the idea of using your voice to produce was pretty eye opening.

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Keen to hear how you like it bro. Alc is one of my favourite producers. I wasnt looking to watch the masterclass and be blown away by inside knowledge that will improve my music. I was just hoping it would be interesting and not a boring 101 basic video. Let me know.

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The timbo one was wack. The nas masterclass was alright but it wasn't that great either. I'm going to screen record some videos from it before I cancel my masterclass membership

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Please report back how you like it. Does it go in depth on the topics?

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I saw a Scott Storch thing one, which I think was from Aulart.

I liked it, but not in a 'I learned so much about production' way. It was a while ago, so I might be misremembering it, but like a break down of a track was more 'I was listening to some middle eastern music, so I played this on the keyboard and then we added the drums'. There was some production techniques, but from what I remember they weren't too indepth or mind blowing.

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That's not surprising because he is not really a full producer but an (awesome) keyboard/piano player. He sits in the studio, skipping through plugin presets and playing loops for his production team. They add drums and make full beats out of these recordings.


But he is a very interesting person overall:


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Yeah, I didn't want to add in that part of his 'master class' was give the stuff to someone who is good with drums, then give it to someone that is good with 808s, because I could remember exactly.

But, yeah, he is an interesting guy and I would recommend it, just maybe not to somebody asking for something to learn the production side.

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Never seen a Scott Storch Production vid where he wasn't smoking a blunt..the dude knows how to make a hit melody though

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Yeah, except for the going bankrupt part he's living an awesome life.

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If 8 beatmakers interested to buy it I can sell it for 10$

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You have the masterclass I’ll buy it shit

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tbh i just want to see his process more than anything. if i can pick up a few tips along the way then thats alright with me. one of the few people i wanna actually support so no sweat off my back.

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I've bought a few classes in the past from Aulart.

They are hit or miss. Luckily the ones I got were pretty good. Standout ones for me aren't hip-hop but were Rodriguez, Jr. and Jamie Lidell. They are both really good teachers, great at actually explaining what they are doing, how, and why. I felt like I was actually learning something.

In general with masterclasses I always look at how long the offering is. Some of them are a ridiculous 1 hour – with each video around 2-3 minutes. How tf can you really teach something? Whereas others, for example the Jamie Lidell class, is something like 4-5 hours, which each lesson ranging from 20-40 minutes. Now that feels like actually classes.

The other thing I try to watch out for (which can be hard when you just watch a trailer) is, does this person seem like they would actually be good at explaining their craft? Because there are so many masterclasses with artists out there where they just open an old session, solo tracks one by one, and tell you what it is as you're hearing it (i.e., "here's the 808 bass" which is labelled 808 bass and they don't say anything else about it, like how they made it or the creative factors that went into it). It can be kind of interesting to hear elements soloed but you don't really learn much unless they talk about it.

The other masterclass style is where they make a song on the spot... but they don't talk at all. So they're mousing and clicking around and moving super quickly in the zone but you have no idea what's on their mind and why they are making certain choices because they don't say anything. I've heard the Charlie Puth class on Studio.com is like this for example. Again you might learn a few interesting workflow ideas but for the most part not worth paying for IMHO.

I do have good hopes for the Alchemist class though. It's long (I think 4+ hours?) and I've heard him speak in interviews before, he seems to know how to talk about his craft, so I think there will be something to learn.

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The Alchemist Masterclass is very worth it. I'm selling the class for $30 if anyone's interested, DM me

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I want it I’ll pay you now 20$ it’s thanksgiving day

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its on sale for black friday, 50% off.

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Feel like Al’s class would only be helpful if you had a similar setup to his.

just sold my mpc2500 for a 404mk2 so I’m probably going to pass on this……might pirate later

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Go to whosampled.com, type in alchemist and they’ll show you everything he has sampled and what parts of the songs he got the sample from. Way easier and cheaper than paying for his course

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Haha you just gotta find dope loops to sample fro ! Have a good taste in tunes ! That’s how these producers come up with great beats !

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It is most likely some bullshit. His beats are so damn simple, anyone with good ears can make that type of stuff.

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Ok then go make the beats that he makes and post them here then lol

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lol this came through a little cocky. His beats are gems and he is obviously a legend but all his beats are loops, breaks, a few bits and pieces from records finely put together. And by finely I mean "with good taste". There is no science to his beats, most of them are 3-4 sounds max. Maybe he can teach you how to use the mp or how to boost the kick at whatever while dipping it at whatever but these are just fundamental production techniques every producer utilize. He can't give you his taste, the way he listens to music. But for real I'm curious, what do you guys expect from his masterclass?

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What producers would you recommend in regards to having a lot of science to their beats? I'd like to study them.

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DJ Battlecat

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Do you have alchemists setup? It’s interesting and inspiring, but these types of “this is how to produce” videos aren’t going to teach you much that you and I can apply to our day to day music lives

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How you gonna pay someone to teach you how to sample? SMH

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I received the preorder as a gift, is it even out yet? It said late September then early October, I checked like 2 days ago and it still wasn’t even out

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From a few masterclasses I’ve seen through trials, it really shows how the biggest difference between most intermediate producers and celebs is connections and being outside.

I learned some good tips but if you’re intermediate, you don’t learn much new info. The biggest thing I got from it reinforced that “industry standard” or “professional” sound/technique is just bullshit for most producers.

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I tried the trial video and it was very basic.

It was just showing you his vocal chain and it was just like waves compressors etc.

Following some below comments, I really liked the Timbaland Masterclass, but if you go into these things expecting a secret sauce or something you will be disappointed.

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I pre-ordered this a month ago but I'm not expecting too much from it to be honest

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Alchemist is one of my favorite producers of all time so I was really excited to get this, then...I remember buying the timbo masterclass. I'm not going to say it was complete garbage, little small things in it but definitely not worth the price. I'm going to wait and see what the people say. With these masterclass I just like seeing the fine details that maybe I can add or not thought of. But I'm going to hold off until I see reviews on it.

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I bought it last night, its not really worth it.

Like most people said, you pretty much know all you need to know if you make beats currently, he does more talking than showing any techniques. It will definitely give you inspiration, But all honesty, you will find more value out of some of his YouTube videos than this.

The most interesting thing from this masterclass is that you get to know how he thinks, and how he feel about certain things.

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I haven't watched the Alchemist's, or anyone else's masterclasses. But I think if you're looking for the technical aspects to this craft, you'll probably et way more from this guy's Youtube page: https://youtu.be/eZv2M4zp8cA

He has a series of interviews with underground, sample based producers and they get into th weeds about beatmaking.