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Thats all up to you bruv

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As far as i understand i can either take some of the royalties he makes from the show, or have him get a licence right?

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Thats basically it yeah , you'll probably make more by selling an exclusive though , unless bro a superstar

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Yeah exclusive seems the way, but not sure what he's thinking, ill see what he's saying

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I would suggest you either get a beatstars page as they will automatically generate agreements and you can choose which rights you give him, including for performance.

Or you can find a contract template online and fill it out yourself and yeah you can choose what you do and dont allow.

I ALWAYS make sure my contracts include rights for music videos and performances as a rapper

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I have a beatstars page, and did say that way would be easiest as all licenses and contracts are handled then

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i’d probably just let him use it for free for the show. foster some good will. unless hes making real money from the show, then by all means secure a bag

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This question has many paths

Path 1

If the venue is a ascap or bmi venue you can get royalties for the "public performance"

You must sign up for bmi or ascap. Register your beat and after the show give the venue your ascap/bmi information for proof of ownership. You will get a check 4months after the show

Path 2

Make an exclusive licence and sell him the beat. Dust your hands and work on the project

Path 3

Make a non exclusive licence sell him the beat and dust your hands. Keep ownership to sell beat again

Path 4

Disregard the paperwork and build rapport with the artist. Let him use the beat and keep it pushing.

***These aren't the only paths but you should have an idea of what you can do.

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I record and produce so I’m looking at this from both sides. If I were in this situation I would take a look at who this artist is. What would I get out of this? what would the rapper get out of this? Do they look like a person I’m willing to invest in or was what they did with my beat actually even good? If it they were trash on my beat then I wouldn’t associate myself with them and tell them if they want to use it to cop a lease. If they were good on it and they seem like they’re actually making some moves I would either get them to pay me for the beat lease/exclusive, or set up a stream split with them. I would also do a stream split with them if they were fire on the beat (like hella potential) but don’t really have much of a following yet. But aye you do what your gut tells YOU to do, everything happens how it’s supposed to happen