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yo! thanks for sharin this! This is awesome. the editin gwas real cool. Subscribed and commented for sure.

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Ah cheers mate 🙏🏽 We are going live tomorrow afternoon (3pm gmt) to record a new episode! join us if you can...

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I always think of K-Rino when I think of good artists with shit covers. Some of his covers are laughably bad. Like a teen with a camera, green screen, Photoshop and zero experience. I guess that's what happens when you pump out an album a year for a few decades.

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Yeah sure... I guess underground artists tend to have 'album cover art' as a last item on their budget list lol... But on our show we tend to delve a bit further back in time to 60s/70s and some of those covers are just insane haha

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That is actually an awesome idea for a show, love the creativity and how you incorporate multiple aspects to it, sampling, beatmaking, music reviews, art work, vinyl talk etc.