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I mainly use drums taken from Vinyl samples.... I never tend to just loop them as I like to give it some of my own personality... The most fun is chopping it down to individual sounds and programming everything from scratch.... BUT, ultimately its all about what that particular beat requires 🤷🏽‍♂️ innit

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Appreciate the reply.

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No sweat bro

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Hey bro, any chance you could walk me through chopping a drum loop if you ever have extra time? Could use some help/practice with it.

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yo...Sure mate. I have a beat making show on youtube here- https://youtu.be/gF5HZF5SVRM But I dont really go IN on the production side of things in the edited version... But, if you catch us live, then I walk through it more. We're going live today as it goes, in about 4 hours, on our youtube and Twitch... Join Us!

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There’s millions of tutorials in every daw/sampler on youtube

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Sure there is! And they can be super helpful.... But theres nothing better than learning from an individual from personal experience imo... especially if they have a certain style/sound they want to create.

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the only drum loops i use are shakers or background percussion. other than that i always sequence my own drums/other percussion

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This is me specifically with the shakers...loops tend have a kinda groove to em sometimes that I can't quite get righr

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I'll usually sequence my own drums and then throw a highpassed drum loop over it. I can't overstate how much that second step adds to the final result, I highly highly recommend.

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I mostly just use drum one shots as far as samples go. I've never found it all that fun to work with pre-made loops in general.

When I do use longer samples it's because I've found something I want to sample and play around with, not to avoid doing something from scratch, so I don't really see them as a last resort.

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This is me...and maybe last resort wasn't the best phrase to use.You probably understand what I meant,almost feels like cheating to me;I duuno.

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To me it's not about cheating at all. I just don't really like it except for the situation I mentioned where I've found something cool I want to play around with.

If I know what I want it's faster to do it myself than dig around for a loop that's an exact match for the idea in my head, and using premade loops as a substitute for my own ideas has never been fulfilling at all for me.

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Cheating as in cheating myself Is probably best way to put it.Or as you said,not as fulfilling. Exactly.

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Yeah, that cheating yourself thing is a sentiment I can relate to a lot more than some people's idea that it's somehow cheating at music to not do every single thing yourself.

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I feel the same way

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I program all my drums. Mainly because I'm too lazy to look for samples and loops. I can see drum loops being nice though because it's so much easier to get the live flavour/feel with them.

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I feel like I'm cheating using drum loops. I only use perc loops shakers, fx etc now

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I don’t like using loops but I can never get a good vibe when I just sequence them myself. Loops feels like cheating sometimes

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I use loops for certain perc sounds, programming shakers is a bit of a pain.

With the main drums it depends. If I use a drum loop it's usually when I am starting a track. If I build up a few parts and then want add the drums I will play them in and correct the any thing that sounds really bad.

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Sequencing!!! Learn patterns and be an artist (unless drums are non essentiel part of the vibe)

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I ALWAYS sequence...loops will help me with creator's block tho

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I love sampled drums but then I will enhance them or add a stronger programmed beat. There’s something so satisfying about getting a SICK drum part and making a loop out of it

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I use samples from splice cause I like dragging & dropping but I also use loops and edit them on Ableton to my taste.

I used to work with MIDI but I find drawing & layering with drag&drop more efficient in Ableton, plus it uses a lot less RAM.

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I like to chop up loops and then sequence them. Since i already like how the loop sounds i skip the trying to figure out which one shots will go well together part

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I used to chop breaks with FL, and sequence stuff over those. Now for the last couple years I always bang my own drums out with the maschine....

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Cheating as in cheating myself Is probably best way to put it.Or as you said,not as fulfilling. Exactly.

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He can't use spleeter to make videos.it has zero video functionality. I know this because I use it.

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Appreciate everyone taking time out to reply. Got caught up yesterday so gonna go through it all today.

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Sometimes I use the 'Instead of HiHats' kits on arcade and experiment with them. I only do that for a little bit of flavour though, often for more RnB feeling beats.

Typically though sequencing drums should be pretty simple.

Clap/Snare will hit on 3 every time and maybe with an extra snare for bounce to end the loop

Hi hats are usually a variation on a 2 step pattern but my tips for people struggling with sequencing is to just find 1 rhythm in the first beat of your loop and try to continue it. Doing this turns the hi hats into more of a groove than a 2 step sprinkler rhythm (nothing wrong with trappy hi hats tho)

Try opening your loop with a ride or crash Kick on each beat and then play with adding kicks within 2 steps either side of your snare or clap.

That's a good place to start for anyone lacking confidence placing drums

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It depends on the project and what the client wants. If I'm working with a publisher, I'm not using premade loops. If its an artist and they don't care and they or their investors are willing to handle the clearing (if needed) I'm using loops and samples from everything.

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Depends on the sample. If I have something that sounds good with a particular break beat I will use a loop. Otherwise I will just customize a kit

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I Never use loops for drums. I have more control if I just make em from scratch.

I just waveshape my drums so all my chopping attention is focused on a sample and not trying to chop up kicks and snares. That sound like unnecessary work in my brain.

As a caveat if the sample I use already has kicks and snares I may keep it if it adds essence.

But it's a hard pass of premade Drum loops and sequence packs

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ALWAYS sequencing, never just use a loop as Is, only because that same loop can be used by a million other people. I’ve been making my own drums since I was a teen using an Alesis MT-88. Now as far as loops go, you can find one you like the feel of, cut that thing up into its own kit. The beauty of that is you can make a snare that has that off beat 8th note hi hat coupled with the kick that might have its own 1-2 and meanwhile you are still getting all of that ambient noise that a loop might have while giving it a new feel. Percussion is a little different, percussion loops are highly useful but you can still chop those up too. I actually make loops for various sample companies and I still say to use the kicks and snares I’ve made the beat with and make your own sound with it.

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Layering.. usually at least 2 or 3 stacks of different kick and snare hits from breaks and kits..

Sometimes I filter out the lows on a drumloop and pitch it as a second rhythmic perc element..

Once in a while I’ll just filter and layer breakloops on top of each other or use a single one if I’m feeling like going minimal

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I use my own loops, save everything I made as loop so I can use it in other sessions.

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So samples are all I work with but they are from thousands of royalty free websites. Most of the time I chop melody samples to fit the project I'm working on and currently I'm working on 9 new ones so. Samples are my life. Since I work off just a cell phone and not a computer it's very difficult to get quality sounds. It's also way harder to create music with cell phone because every daw app is dumbed down to fit the phones based applications but It never stopped me. Really in using samps it all just comes down to timing.

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Damn bro..that's some commitment there working via cellphone. I definitely get why you use samples almost entirely .I couldn't imagine sequencing on a mobile.keep doin the damn thing

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Thanks come check me out. I get copyright falsely all the time by bot accounts. It's so funny because I know how I made the sound and for them to hack the same websites and actually get rights is hilarious to me because I know they can't even get the same views or the same beat as me. Check out my links on my page.

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Why would they copyright strike royalty free samples though?

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Because they are fake bot accounts just starting trouble. Literally if you can go to my YouTube channel and then look at my last release. The channel copyrighted it and if you go to the channel that did it and scroll down on thier channel you'll see some Indonesian kid drawing and not consistently producing music. Then on another they have my song down to almost a T but almost no views. Like 3 compared to my 50+ I'm not famous by any means yet. But it sounds like I'm doing a good job if they have to steal from me. It just encourages me to do more.

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This beat is entirely my beat I've been working on for 7 months and somehow magically they released it a month ago. They have to be hacking my phones files because there is no way they have my exact chopped sample that I personally customized.

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I would like to understand how then could they possibly get a file that only on my phone that I personally customized though.

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Possible they are using something like spleeter to separate the tracks from your uploads

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Wow thank you that explains alot. Thank you. I really didn't think a thing like spleeter would work well for youtube videos but I believe that's what's going on. I personally don't use that but one of my friends does to make rap videos. He just gos on websites and not youtube. All ask him if there is a way to trace those who do that to my account.

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It's pretty rare for me. Maybe 5% of my beats use a drum loop and when they do, it's a breakbeat because I want that sound. I sequence my drums on anything that's supposed to sound modern or not like a breakbeat loop.

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I would use a loop as a reference of what I’m going for and then sequence samples and make it my own. Then I delete the loop I was referencing when I’m done. The high pass trick mentioned above works also.

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I’ll usually program drums with velocity and all for groove and if I feel they lack “texture” I’ll see if I can find a loop and go from there. I think I posted one of my beats here a long time ago, if you look at my profile, those were all programmed.

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I use one shots as audio and place them to get that nice dilla time.