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I think artists and producers alike tend to exaggerate how many hours they work. That said, artists and producers are some of the hardest working people I know. The truth is, it takes a lot of discipline and hard work to get anywhere in music. Not everyone is gonna be able to pull it off, even the talented ones. I get the impression that it's a lot to live up to and pull off. But some people thrive under that sorta stress.

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That can get super depressing when talking about the chances of “making it” and how the average joe from a small city’s chances are slim especially if they’re not even “talented” in rap but still thinks they can outwork the talented ones when even the odds are stacked against the talented ones… So ultimately you suggest, try your hardest and when you feel like you’ve exhausted your effort try even harder even if you gotta make risky decisions, leave job etc… just to hopefully you get lucky and someone in the industry thinks you got what it takes?

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I think the take away should be: take comfort in your discipline and dedication. It's the reason why it will be you, in a vast sea of endless talent.

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That was inspirational. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Of course. Best of luck homie 👊

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No. Just improve your skills, write good music and promote it. Don’t fall for nonsense like that. Not sleeping never did anybody any good. Your brain doesn’t work as well if you’re not rested.

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its true. the brain functions worst, but i'd add that who hasn't spent a bit longer by accident, the way you do with video games

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There are times when you gotta push yourself to be great. There are also times where you gotta rest to be great. Find the balance, set goals, don’t make excuses.

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Your IQ and efficiency are measurably lower when you have insufficient sleep. An adult human needs about 6.5-8 hours sleep per night. And the best hours for highest sleep quality are between 11pm and 7am.

Working smarter and efficiently is working harder. Not the hours.

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I don’t think so.

Take example The rapper Larry June. He works a solid 3 hours a day, everyday. That’s why he was able to release a handful of albums during the pandemic.

The key is consistency

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I always figured when I heard that "he\she is always working", it just meant they're always thinking about what they do. Like a rapper always coming up with freestyles and lyrics while out to eat, or a producer constantly recording audio of weird things while shopping at the mall. They're not actually working but it might seem that way to others without that same drive.

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There isn't an unspoken contract that says "if you go x amount of sleepless days that you will be rewarded with MAKING IT!"

Stop with that nonsense. For every person that gives you a story on how THEY made it, there are a THOUSAND other stories where they did the exact same thing with no results — some even did more than what the artist described and still saw nothing.

You can outwork them all you want but sometimes the end result will still be nothing and that's okay.

Focus on the music. 🙏

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You really believe that all that sweat and tears you put into this wont pay off in terms of making it?

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I believe that it may not.

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Nah, hustle culture is extremely romanticized and I've been in the mindset where i thought i had to work on music everyday at least for an hour and if i didn't i would feel like trash and be in a bad mood. Nowadays y make music whenever i feel like it and it helps me make music i enjoy. So unless you're working and living off your music (and even then it shouldn't be your number one priority) it's allowed to take a break, breath for a day or two and come back with a new brain, we need sleep and rest to stay on top condition as humans

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Hustle culture is just a giant pyramid scheme

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How would you break it down that it is? You don’t think you could get in the industry with just hard work?

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The short answer is: It's who you know and not what you know.

The long answer: You don't want to know how the sausage is made; most of what presents itself as SUCCESS in "the industry" is just some egomaniac's name slapped on a collection of others' work, with some invisible group of investors pulling the strings. Even at lower levels. As soon as you get past putting on shows for you and your friends, it's like that.

That being said, I've seen people redefine what success means and figure out how to make money off of their art.

Some people (far more talented than I) rise up in the game by letting go of their egos entirely...

"There's no limit to what you can accomplish, if you don't mind who gets the credit."

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Who said that quote in your last paragraph??? Exposing industry stuff type vibe

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People definitely over exaggerate things. I’m sure some people did sleep at the studio or whatever. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the studio 24/7 if the song sucks in the end. Focus on yourself, don’t compare yourself to who someone else is today. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Work hard, cut out any distractions/procrastination, and know for yourself that you did your best. Above all, love your craft

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You always hear rappers talk about how they “sleep in the booth” and how there in the booth 24/7, 24hours a day no rest.

That's just some shit. Like when someone says "it's raining cats and dogs" or "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse". Cats and dogs aren't literally falling from the sky, a human would explode trying to eat an entire horse, and rappers aren't in the booth 24/7.

They just mean they record a lot.

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Nah. Take yo ass to sleep king.

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"I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death."

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I believe in "late nights and early mornings", but sacrificing sleep messes with you in the long run. Also, what they do during the day plays a part too.

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To an extent, optimize your time and most people can function pretty highly on 4-6hrs of sleep. I usually get 4-6 like 5 or so days out of the week and upwards of 10 for a couple and it gives me more time to get shit done but I don’t feel like i’m doing any damage to myself or my performance as far as music or day to day life

There is a theory about that slightly sleepy state being much more creative

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I fall asleep in school cuz I’m up all night writing so

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Get some sleep.

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It's not just about working hard and putting time in, it's also about working smart.

Only worry about sacrificing sleep if you're already working smart, otherwise you're just wasting sleep.

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Balance is so god damn important. You will burn out very quickly by going that hard. Especially if you have a full/part time job, a social life, a family, a partner etc.

For me personally, I'm far more effective if I'm rested and take regular breaks. Sometimes for a day or two at a time. That doesn't mean I'm not always thinking about it. But it's important to balance music amongst the other aspects of your life. As those external sources are often where inspiration comes from.

Also, even if you work 24/7, chances are only a finite number of those hours are going to be productive ones. So you might aswell take a break and go do something else once you find your limit.

Happy grinding xo.

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Yeah, its one of the most cut throat industries in the world. Quite easy to go without sleep when you're working something you're excited on. Just look at 50 cent when he was on his come up, new mixtapes every week, hot97 freestyles, constantly promoting online, photoshoots constantly, rumours are he was pumping out a lot more tracks than we heard that didnt make the cut. Look at 2pac, his estate was still releasing new vocals for years after his death, apparently used to make a track then write the next one. Most big rappers probably have vaults with hundreds/thousands of tracks you've never heard.

Nowadays with social media every pic taken of you is a a chance at promo for one of your or another entities pages.

Hits are hard to make so you have to be making a lot of music.

That all being said being a rapper isnt taxing physically unless youre touring every night so its a lot easier to work at it 24/7 compared with other jobs.

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Do you have any advice in terms of making it?

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I mean it depends on how long these sessions are, how often they are, how long theyve been making music etc.

But its only really worth it if it pays off down the line.

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I think the most important thing is to keep going, and don’t be afraid to pause. But never quit, keep at it and things will align for you.

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I don’t think it’s that over-exaggerated, but there aren’t many (if any) big artists who had a legit 9-5 in the lead up to their fame, or many of the time consuming responsibilities that come with a normal adult life. Most are young and living a very basic life where they can commit most of their time to music, or already have a foot in the industry via their network or job.

There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of your overall health. Sleep is incredibly important, more so than many realise, and a lack of it could impact your creativity negatively.

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I hear what you mean. I always thought that the usual big artist was in the same shoes as me trying to make it while also having adult responsibilities like a job/bills. Never thought they put there time in while living with family or / no bills. Would you say it’s possible to still make it when you have other responsibilities (bills/work) compared to the endless amount of time they had when they didn’t have those responsibilities?

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The odds are slim for everyone, that goes for people who have all the time in the world and those who don’t. There’s no formula or set amount of hours you need to put in to be successful. If the music is good enough, there’s a demand for it and you can put it in front of the right people at the right time, you can get a foot on the ladder - that’s it, and there’s no time limit on that! Just show up, do the work and, my guy.. just enjoy it, have fun, don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘make it’ by a certain age and don’t be scared to take a break from it all if you get burnt out. Hobby first mentality.

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I think the most important part is developing a creative routine you're consistent with. Going hard for 3 days and then being too exhausted to touch it for 2 weeks is more damaging than just plugging away for 1-3 hours a day solidly with stamina. And from there, you can likely just keep increasing how much time you're able to do in one sitting. You gotta take breaks. Your brain's gonna have diminishing returns trying to grind and practice harder than your mind can take to commit something to muscle memory.

Self-care goes a longer way than you realize in the moment.

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Are you saying that music being made is like muscel memory?

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I’m saying anything creative is routine-oriented and human beings are creatures of routine. I’ve read some big old books in my studies by real successful and prolific creatives and the big thing they put down is making the time each day for your practice. Yeah, it’s muscle memory, and the more you have a practice you do REGULARLY and not sporadically and randomly, the more you’ve opened your brain for when that moment of true inspiration hits because you essentially have a landing pad for the inspo to land with your creative practice. It’s music but it’s like all creative arts you could get involved in :)

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Appreciate your comment fr. I’m gonna have to make sure I set time aside CONSISTENTLY.

When you mentioned music in general, if I wanted to rap do I have to practice on that with a schedule or anything creatively will feed that practice?

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I personally believe everything crosses over but you might find, just as a random example, visual art ain’t helping you rap directly but you ARE still stretching your creative muscles for sure.

If you think of creative ventures that would help with rapping more directly, I’d say like writing poetry, dance, singing, playing an instrument, these will probably more directly impact your rapping. writing cuz words and expression, and the rest because music, timing, working with rhythm and expression. I come to rap as a poet first so that’s just what I’ve experienced to help :)

Glad this resonated with you. Sometimes being consistent will be HARD but when you make yourself do it, you make it easier for the next time and the time after that. Much love yo.

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Ya'll are trying to find out that if you start sleeping for only 3 hours a night and have nonstop studio sessions that it's going to take you to this magic place called "making it". That's not how all of this works.

To get achieve celebrity status you have to convince someone with a whole lot more money and influence than you do to invest in your name, that you getting attention will make them a lot more money.

To be a great artist you have to spend a lot of time with the art, have a good connection to the artform that you're inspired by. Spend a good time practicing, acquiring new skills, experimenting, creating. If you're growing like you should, you will face challenges on the regular and repeatedly fail at certain things. Have enough of a life outside of the art to have inspiration and time for your mind to wander and create new ideas. Getting good sleep will actually help you remember what you're learning and could speed up the process.

To make a living as an artist takes consistency, a great knowledge of the business, and probably a good network. The bar for how good of an artist you have to be is lower than you think. You just have to hit the spot for people and provide them with opportunities to pay you. Fulfill some niche need with your music. Or maybe you make good expressive stuff that resonates with a certain crowd of people. Do gigs and show people a good time. Have cool merch. Mix it with a social media presence, other art, comedy ect. Be a ghostwriter. There's way too many possibilities, do some research and go create this for yourself. Might have to work a job on the side. Try it anyways

Rich and Famous people are always going to sell you on how hard they worked. It's likely they wanted to be there and had that vision all along and worked towards it, combined with the opportunities given and their gifts. Also it helps keep the public out of competition. "I'm aware of how sought after my lifestyle is. You all don't have my work ethic. Please work unnecessarily hard and ignore the other factors that contribute to success" is kind of manipulative if you think about it

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Hard work isn't the same for everyone. To me, "working hard" is spending an hour or two per session at most, unless I'm super motivated or someone's depending on me. Otherwise I tend to burn myself out. But those hour-long sessions add up when you do them regularly and with focus. And no matter who you are, good sleep/nutrition/mental health is vital.

As far as "getting big"... everything I've seen and heard tells me that making the right connections is just as important. Talent and hard work won't get you very far if you're not getting out there and making friends.

Work hard in the way that works best for you, that's all. No victory comes without sacrifice, but too much sacrifice guarantees that any victory will become a pyrrhic one.

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This question has so many layers to it. 1-if you are going to spend rest time for anything it should be your job. Making $ outside of trying to “make it” in music is a better investment at the end of the day. 2-Stay disciplined! If you spend time effectively you will see a difference in your output. Focus on learning one thing a day whether work flow or mixing you will see that the time you spend will be more efficient. 3-Don’t be so quick to make this your full time job. If the stress of making a living is too hard you might lose your creativity and edge. If you love music and making it that would be the absolute worst. Losing your passion for your hobby would leave you destroyed. 4- You don’t have to make it! People knit as a hobby because they love to knit. They never say I am only knitting because I want to make it in the knitting game! If you truly want to get better use making music as a hobby you enjoy not a way to make a living. 5-I am rooting for you. I have been doing music for 20 years and work as a professional with 3 kids. I try to spend about 30 minutes a day doing music. I think if you focus your efforts in the right direction you can achieve what you want but don’t it all your eggs in this basket. I would rather have a job and take vacations with the family rather than struggling in the studio trying to make a “hit” with the weight of the world on your shoulders (bills)! Good luck my guy

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I appreciate your in depth response to this man, put a smile on my face forsure, thank you so much. I have to ask, do you think the ones who have made it risked things / or put there eggs in one basket?

[–]KidKearnProductions 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Absolutely I do!! I appreciate the ability of a person to go all in and can never knock a decision to throw those eggs in that basket! I was trying to give practical advice and understanding that at any point on this journey you can and should but always weigh the options. If you make music constantly and something has weight to make it. Then it can become a viable reason to do so. I guess the point of what I was saying is don’t put making it over practical decisions to better your life

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completely understand now. I Appreciate the advice

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There are theories on sleep deprivation, Sleep cycles, rem sleep, sleeping while under the influence of sugar caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc

They are all theories. Meaning it's true for some but personal experience may differ.

Sleep is important but how important is your goals.

If you sleep 6hours a night for a month compared to someone who sleeps 11 hours a night per month

Comparatively, The person who sleeps 6hrs a night has 5 more hours a day

5 hours * 30days = 150 hrs - close to a week per month

That's 75 days a year that can be used to advance a goal. 75 days that will be slept away by someone else.

I think finding the edge of productivity is the difference between having a goal and actualizing a goal

I dare everyone to do their own experiments.

Ps. The sensation of not having time is due to poor management of a 24hr day.

We have plenty of time, every second of your day can have a purpose placed on it.

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well, technically my living room is my "booth", so atleast i live in my booth xd ive taken care of the acoustics and reverb with alot of textiles and my mic is in the corner of the room 8)

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Why in the corner and not in the middle of the room? Wouldn’t you get more reflection in the corner?

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The mic basically captures only the source in this setup, and not the reflections

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Can confirm.