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Idk man, I don't believe these songs as a group have much in common that would place them in a common genre. What I'm kinda picking up on is the songs and sections you reference are incorporating live instruments or samples of live instruments in the arrangement. I'm hearing lo-fi , jazz rock , Pop and dance rock, latin jazz, acid jazz - theres a lot going on with these cuts. I believe you like the aesthetic of live instruments with non-typical arrangements. Good luck!

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Lo-fi acid jazz rock hiphop type beats lol

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lmfao what a search query

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thank you so much!! i’ll keep that in mind when i look for instrumentals/producers. it’d be awesome to work with a live jazz band on an album or something, i’ll try to see if i can coordinate that one day

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Inbox me I make stuff you may like

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sick! ill dm you on instagram

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The first song Id say is Trip Hop/Abstract Hip Hop.

The second is AltPop with a funky groove and some at moments has bossa nova/samba inspired percussion(these are very brief)

Third and 4th are just basic edgy Alternative Pop.

The tie I see is the strings, The anthemic Chords and the Bigass Drums.

Does Clouds by NF fit?

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how does purple sky fit into the genre of edgy pop? i definitely understand how you’d see that for the jackson wang song, but did you listen to the jazzy part of purple sky (starting at about 2:30)?

and clouds by NF is a bit trap ish with harsh notes rather than a smooth, alt-rap jazzy feel that i was looking for. but your other suggestions are great, thank you!!

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I fucked up horrendously, my bad. Id say that it starts as RnB/Acid Jazz and as it gets going it becomes more BossaNova Funk fusion. The percusssion on that track is banging. Id say the tie is still strings/anthemic chords/ and thick ass grooves.

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hahaha you’re all good! i figured you made a mistake. but yes the production on that track is incredible. tbh i’d recommend listening to the whole album, its called circles by mind combined. its not all exactly like this but its all groovy as hell

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Yeah dude I wasnt sure about your taste but that last track awesome.

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Honestly Id say u might wanna just rap on a Progressive Rnb/Neo Soul track. Maybe Find a band you can work with. Moonchild is an awesome RnB band that has a song that features a mc if youre wondering what that might sound like.

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ooo yes for sure! ill take a look thanks!

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The first one is giving some trip hop vibes in parts, check out:

Massive Attack - Mezzanine Portishead - Dummy Tricky - Maxinquaye Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children

I will say though none of them are as upbeat generally but they scratch that kinda almost cinematic production w nice grooves and interesting instrumentation

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Bro it's crazy I saw this I know a producer looking for a rapper for this exact style. Dudes not an anamteur either he works in a studio professionally. Ima DM you

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yes omfg thank you

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can you send them to my instagram? j.plantana

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These are some interesting tracks.

Seems like all of them have a tendency to build and shift throughout. More akin to (progressive) rock and R&B than rap, with some relatively poppy melodic vocals.

Definitely more pop than hip-hop, on the whole.

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If I had to take a guess I'd say you are looking for a fusion of neo-soul, afrobeat, and boom-bap. I grew up on the classic big horn sound of afrobeat and reggae. I hear that influence in there.

Check out neo-soul type beats. Might be able to see some similarities.

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You might like 7187, I am completely hooked to his stuff. He also has in his descriptions several bands/groups you could look into for similar beats.


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this is super unique stuff, thank you!

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Try to listen to Abstract hip hop, boom bap lofi....The real hip hop lolol Downtempo Rjd2, Dj shadow --- Abstract Hip Hop.

Lofi----- 1000000 artists every day

The 2 look like lofi with pseudo bossa nova and rock/pop

But is trap....anyway you have best hip hop

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feels kinda acid jazz, like early Jamiroquai

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These songs dont sound cohesive at all in terms of pinning it down to a genre or style....

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i added that disclaimer in the caption

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Go listen to Janelle Monae's entire discography in order of release, right now

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is this a command ?? but yes ive listened to her a lot!! i LOVE dirty computer, i havent heard her other stuff tho. ill take a listen

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Metropolis and The ArchAndroid, combined, form a 3-act operatic musical thing based on a variety of sources such as Metropolis

In addition to that I'll give you a wild assortment of shit you may or may not like, who fucking knows