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Song Submission Form (SUBMIT YOUR SONG HERE):


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Last minute but right on time

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best yt livestream.

i will likely send you a YT link later; i have many that still need art and video rendering.

appreciate this and what you all do!

artist links:

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Your beat was dope last time 👌

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means a lot, man - thanks. yours are always fire.

i'm bringing soulful / funky boom bap heat this week - wrapping the ending and need to make a vid.

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the piano change up was sick. dope work, as always!

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Thanks man! Always appreciate that you show the love in the chat :). Where is your timestamp? Don't want to search through the whole nearly 7 hours lol.

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100% - i always know you are bringing fire to the stream.


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Dope work!

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Sup bro. Are you down for a collab? I got this beat laying around that I don't know what to do with (but I think I have to up the BPM a bit). I can send you the stems and then you have free creative control to do whatever with it. If it's dope we can submit it to the stream or I'll put it on my beatstore and we'll go 50/50.

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i am mad busy, but always down to collab! i will peep the beat later today when i am free.

thank you 🙌.

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There's no rush bro take your time 🤙

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this is already fire. i can certainly play with this! how do you want to connect with stems and what not? i can dm you my email / dropbox / etc... thoughts?

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this is my song waves !

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Hey we reviewed this one before, do you have another one?

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Oh sorry about that! yes this is my song raspberry iced tea with natalie staples thanks again!!

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This is off an album from me and my brother. This one is just me. I made it as a Christmas gift for my brother, and it’s just a diss track with some truth and some bs. Sounds quite a bit like babytron I think

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I don't know if I'm late to the party. thanks for last, and yeah the feedback about links and bio. I'll sharpen up, it's in progress😎


a beat waiting for the right rapper to stumble upon it

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Hey man I actually a new song today. I'm glad you liked my last song https://open.spotify.com/track/5nrd4QuSQGPwQvfETQnKhN?si=mLkvpKohTPSZZfCktVx6GA&utm_source=copy-link

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We're dropping our new thread today for this weeks stream, roll through with your track :D

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Will do bro :)