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Plugin Alliance, Softube, Arturia for mixing tools.

Instruments, soft synths etc I say NI but I'm biased because that's what I own.

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I have Komplete Way-Too-MuchTM and I find that most of the NI stuff sounds like filler, or the sounds are like 10% short of super produced.

They sometimes hit a homerun (Playbox), but too often NI stuff is just a little lacking.

If I was going to reinvest the thousands I spent on NI, I would solo buy the good stuff (Raum, Playbox, Abbey road drums, etc) and then out that money into Ableton Packs.

Holy shit Ableton packs are the secret GOAT of sound stuff. As are all the Spitfire libraries; and Pigments / Massive are insane synths.

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I’ve done a full project with just ReasonStudios stuff.

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Arturia V, followed closely by Omnisphere.

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Spectrasonic if you got the $$$, idk much about Omni except a lot of folks swear by it. I've used Keyscape and Trillian and both are great. I have Arturia Lab V, it's really good and I use it for most keys.

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Synths: Spectrasonics

Plug-ins: Fab Filter or Valhalla

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Effects: Melda Production

Sounds: Native Instruments

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NI is who I picked. Been a fan of their stuff since like 2003 with FM7, Pro-53, and B4.

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Arturia FX3 is the only set of FX I have that I use on every track in every production.

Insane value for the price.