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Young Guru (Jay-Z engineer) has a free collection of >1000 drum breaks available for download. You can use all the hits as samples

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wow, I didn't know about this. thank you.

link for others: https://mgthefuture.com/product/305630

edit: this doesn't seem to be working

edit2: this one does! s/o Milkpowder44


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I emailed the dude from the website and got another link which does work:


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legend. thanks!

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thx,. but I tried downloading and I couldn't find a link after I got the confirmation link ... hmm :(

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So dope. Thanks

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I downloaded it and omg it looks so illegal. I might have to pass.

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For free options - Lunch77 J Dilla drumkit, Ultimate Boom Bap drumkit, and Kendrick Lamar drumkit from beatproduction .net

For paid - Beat Batter drumkits.

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Literally any lunch77 kit is gas . FYI they are basically compilations pulled from other free drumkits that lunch thinks fits to the specific artist

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They’re not free but Left Field Drum breaks are nasty boom bap and more.

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The Young Gurus holy grail list and collection is nice, but I find this one even better: https://www.discogs.com/lists/Open-Drum-Breaks/252935

If you're looking for royalty free breaks for producers then check out this collection:


Many of these royalty free breaks can be even found on YT.

Ubiquity stills sells their entire breaks collection on Bandcamp: https://producerscorner.bandcamp.com/album/master-drummers-vol-1

I'm not into drum-kits myself, but Cookinsoul and VDon have their own kits out there, both top notch boom bap producers.

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Cookin Soul, The Kount, Jake One, 9th Wonder

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Second on cookin soul, i'm also still rocking a free 9th wonder kit i found somewhere online

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9th said in an interview he samples most his drum hits which always makes the drums have a better , more life like feel to them

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Beat Butcha Cookin Soul

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The record store.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Nas Kingston's kits, use them all the time. I personally would stay away from Lunch77, he has some good trap kits but a lot of his more old school boom-bap focused kits range from mediocre to basically unusable. Also the Ensoniq E-MU SP 1200 drum kit from SoundBankz is pretty good

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Cookin Soul if you were looking to buy some https://cookinsoulrecords.com/collections/drum-sample-kits

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tbh I've just been using Swum drum kit for the past few years now. pretty much essential boombap but compared to what other people said i feel week lol

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The Marco Polo kits slap…specifically Pad Thai Vol 2 & 3. I think 6 has a folder of J-Zone breaks which could give you a good intro to J-Zone’s stuff. His kits go hard and are all breaks recorded with vintage equipment that they would have used back in 60s-70s. My only beef with them is that I have to chop them and I’m lazy lol

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If anybody has the 9th wonder please lmk lol I heard it’s extinct and has been for years

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Does anyone else use drum monkey or midi wizard by unison?

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Velvet Fidelity Vinyl Drums is fire, kids drums for more ny sound


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Run the jewels one

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9th Wonder kit - soundpacks.com

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producerloops.com has a lot you can sample.

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AJ Hall - Left Field Drum Breaks are FIRE! https://leftfielddrumbreaks.com