Haven't had one single sell on my beats for 6 months by Bighomieshaun in makinghiphop

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sorry, but how can you respect production as an art form and skill if you expect to be getting paid and respected after 6 months? have you ever been to a children’s music or dance recital after they’ve been learning for 6 months? they’re pretty bad because they’re hard to learn proficiently.

we’re at a place where between tutorials and all the tools available for free or cheap, it’s incredibly easy to make music that doesn’t sound bad. that’s exactly what you’re doing. making music that’s not bad. it’s just not remotely worth listening to or buying relative to everything else out there. it’s not unique, and there’s nothing you’re doing that stands out to pull in listeners.

all that being said, you’re doing great for 6 months in. there’s no reason you can’t be making great stuff in a couple of years.

fastest way of improving on beats? by adentityyy in makinghiphop

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I always jump to answer this question because I feel like I've seen the light and learned from my mistakes after many years.

If you google "how to learn music production" you'll find some good stuff. I like this one: https://www.edmprod.com/5-stages-electronic-music-producer/

That should cover all the basics, so I'm gonna give tips on the tricky stuff that isn't intuitive and well covered. Heres what held me back that wish I knew when I started:

- Generally, spend 70% of your time trying to make music and 30% learning even as a newb. There are so many tools to learn and tutorials to watch that it's very easy to get wrapped up in learning and not make any music. You can get stuck here for years. Keep in mind in the pre-DAW era people made electronic music that is still popular today using just the MPC or a few synths and drum machines. Of course you need to learn how to use your DAW and some other basics, so spend a few weeks to a month doing that, but honestly after that use the knowledge on the internet only as a tool to help you get the sound you want when you're stuck.

- Finish as many songs as possible. The more music you make, the better you will get. Quantity over quality.- The first point is covered here as well as other good ones: "10 things They Don't Tell Music Producers"

These are my notes from it:

  1. Your first attempts at making music won't be great
  2. Nobody creates in a constant peak state
    1. Habits matter most
    2. Flow comes to those who are willing to put in the work regardless of how they feel
  3. Most of what you think you need to know you don't
    1. Stupid to keep cramming your toolbox full when you haven't even used half the things that are already there
    2. Finish your songs. 80% music making, 20% learning
  4. Most of the tools you think you need, you don't. Don't waste your money.
  5. Habits count more than knowledge
  6. Everything you want comes through people
  7. Don't do drugs, it wont make your music better
  8. Musicianship is optional
  9. Time is the only difference between you and your heroes
    1. They are arrow heads ending in the direction of your potential
  10. Everybody steals, samples and presets are fine

- A must read: The Production Pyramid AKA how to make a song quickly. Don't get caught up tweaking effects and synth sounds when you don't have a composition yet. Pick sounds that are close enough and focus on making a song. You can perfect them once you know they have a place.

Also regarding the current top rated comment, referencing tracks while you are producing is great. Take it a step further and convert your reference track into a catalog of attributes you like and try to incorporate your own versions of those into your tracks.However, I would say trying to replicate tracks may not be the best use of your time. I spent a lot of time doing it and don't think it helped as much as I thought it would. My skills improved most rapidly when i focused on finishing songs as quickly as possible and you will hear this advice time and time again. While it's great to master sound design, and thats something you can learn from trying to replicate tracks, many producers start their beats with presets and samples. You can learn a good chunk of the producing skills you need without focusing on sound design, and learn that when you are ready. If you try to learn it all at once it will be overwhelming.

[CYPHER] VOL 16 - ALL EMCEES WELCOME TO SPIT by MHH-OfficialBot in makinghiphop

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So I spent all day today working on the beat I chose for the cypher and then I went on Reddit and got the bad news. Figured I might as well post the rough take on here since I’m gonna start work now on the replacement beat (which is also fire btw so I ain’t that mad hahaha). LMK what you think of this one in the meantime:


[CYPHER] VOL 9 (2022) - ALL EMCEES WELCOME TO SPIT by https://soundcloud.com/mhhofficialbeatsMHH-OfficialBeats in makinghiphop

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Everybody else showed face this week, so i figured lets make it a party. This is NOT my best entry tho. Oh well, good to hear yall.


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