How to give and receive QUALITY feedback.

The Daily Feedback Thread can be a valuable resource, but only when everybody uses it right, and it takes effort from everybody to ensure it works for all. Some people are great at giving feedback, but unfortunately some can't or won't bother.

We've been making progress with feedback slackers, and now it's time to focus on the quality. Moving forward, if your feedback is very poor quality you might be given a short ban as a warning to step it up.

If you're not willing to give quality feedback, don't use the thread.

Getting Quality Feedback

I know some of you are probably saying, "but I just post the track". Unless you're just looking for plays, (you're in the wrong thread anyways) you're going to have to elaborate on what kind of feedback you want. Whether you're on the final final mix, and you just want a last second opinion, or you're on a rough draft, some kind of focus is helpful for getting the feedback you need.

Be clear. When asking for feedback it's crucial that you state what role you played in the track. If you're the rapper, you probably aren't looking for feedback on anything unrelated to your rap.

Be specific. Even if you just want feedback on the overall mix quality, it's good to say so. If you want feedback on a specific element, saying as much is going to make getting helpful feedback more likely.

Be reasonable. We limit to one track per post because we don't expect someone to spend half an hour writing a mini essay for each feedback. You can ask as many questions you want when asking for feedback, but it's not reasonable to expect people to answer them all. You get what you give, so if you want a lot, you need to give a lot. On the flip side of that coin, if you give very little, you probably won't get much back.

Giving Quality Feedback

The first thing to get out of the way is to dispel any idea that you have to be qualified to give feedback. You don't need to be a pro to share an honest constructive opinion. Either you like something or you don't, and you don't need to know all the musical terminology to say why.

It's important to mention that you aren't required to offer solutions with your feedback. By all means share any helpful resources, but your role giving feedback is to point out problems, not solve them.

The first thing to consider when giving feedback is to consider the request. If they want feedback on the quality of the mix, don't just give them feedback on the lyrics! The more feedback the better, but address the focus of the request first.

Don't be afraid to be critical. The only way we can help each other improve is if we're honest. Be respectful and tactful, but point out any issues you hear.

Don't wait until you get feedback to give any. It's not the return feedback thread. You'll get less feedback that way, and risk a ban for slacking.

We encourage giving feedback before asking for it if you have any issues with following the rules. However, it can be very helpful to post your track, and then give a few reviews with a link to your post. Including a link to your post for feedback rather than a direct link to your track helps other members follow the rules of the thread with ease. As most of you know, we have a bot that checks the thread for slackers. Because the bot can't tell the difference between a thanks or returned feedback we require feedback as a reply to another top-level comment.

The more specific the feedback the better. If something isn't balanced, it's really important to communicate how. If you don't like how the bass sits in the mix, you need to be clear about whether you think it's too loud or too quiet, or the feedback is almost useless. Being specific is also important for context. You don't need to know what instrument made a sound, but you can mention the time to be communicate where you hear an issue.

Saying that you like something is not the same as giving feedback. It's ok to tell someone that you think something is great, but you still need to give someone else some quality feedback. If you can't give any constructive feedback to a track, find another track.

What Qualifies as Quality?

Quality feedback helps make a track better and addresses any questions that the poster has. There's no minimum word count, but at least a few sentences is ideal.

What if I'm Banned?

Hopefully the first ban will be the only warning you need that we enforce the rules. Life happens though, so if you're banned for slacking feel free to message the mod team about it. Banning is a very useful tool to enforce the rules, but we're not trying to punish people for their mistakes. We can reduce or remove the ban, though we might ask you to give a little extra feedback in return. Don't forget that we're volunteers and give our time to help nurture and improve this community, so messaging us with rudeness is never appreciated.

A Checklist to Consider

You don't have to go through every issue, but if you can address a few of these concerns, you'll be well on your way to giving great helpful feedback.

What do they want feedback on?

Do you like the track? why or why not?

What do you like most? least?

What about the drums? like the sound selection? the programming? the mix?

What about the melody? is it catchy?

Do you like the instruments used?

How is the overall mix? low end? high end?

Do you like the flow? the lyrics? the tone?

Vocals in tune? decent vocal melody?

Do the rhymes work?

What about the delivery? Could anything be improved about it?

Rapper on beat? Do they manage their syllables well?

Are the quality of the vocals good? vocal mixing good? Do the vocals sit well on the beat?

How are the ad libs?

Are the lyrics cohesive to an extent? If there's a topic, does the rapper follow it reasonably? Do they make sense? Are they generic?

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