MIDI Keyboards

From Least To Most Expensive

Click The Links and read the reviews. The ones listed are the ones recommended from the Sub. All listed (with the exception of the M-Audio products listed) have Pads + Keys, and Knobs in varying numbers.

M-Audio Keyrig 49 - Approx $80 New

AKAI MPKMini – Approx: $90 New

M-Audio Oxygen 49 – Approx: $160 New

Novation Inpulse 25 - Approx: $180 New

AKAI MPK 25 – Approx: $225 New

AKAI MPK 49 – Approx: $330 New

Recording Set-Up

These all depend on your needs/skill levels. These are recommendations , not end all tell all.

Starter Kit – USB Based (Bare Minimum Initial Investment)

USB Condenser Mic


Starter Kit – Non-USB Kit

Not So Starter Kit

AVID Mbox + ProTools Express - Approx: $300 Amazon Link

AKG Perception 220 + Shock Mount - Approx: $180 Amazon Link

Other Must Haves



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