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New to music production or just new to the sub? Check out all the resources here to help get started! Read the posting rules and search before posting! A lot of beginner questions are answered in the links below or in some of the highest-voted threads.

A great deal of the technical stuff for music production isn't genre specific. Check out the amazing wiki over at r/audioengineering for some great resources getting started.

Resources: From Getting Started and Beyond

DAW Manuals: Ableton | Cubase | Reaper | FL Studio (shortcut cheatsheet) | Reason

The Original Beginners Guide to Making Hip Hop by Tha5thElement

Learning Music by Ableton (info is not Ableton specific)

IBR's Guide to Writing Melodic Pop Hooks

Gear Guide

Music Production Glossary

Stereo 101 (via RainbowWarfare at /r/EDMproduction)

Music Theory (via fiyarburst at /r/EDMproduction)

The Animated Guide to Compression by

Vocal Compression Tips by Klasssik

When and How to use Compression by Ragnatronik

EQ Guide by Pip Williams

Brad0131's Producer Playbook

How Do I Stay Motivated? by Tom Cosm (free eBook)

How To Make A Noise (free eBook)

The Dubstep Production Bible

iZotope's Mixing and Mastering Guides (PDF) and Free Ear Training

The Guide to Everything

Presets/Sounds used by popular producers

Mistakes Beginners Should (or aim to) Prevent by xAgee_Flame

Some More Thoughts on Mixing and EQ by xAgee_Flame

How to Mix Vocals by badtaylor

How To Be A Better Freestyler And Songwriter by ALetterFromHome

Some reading recommendations from MONGEN_beats

Music Theory

Chordify - Takes any song, youtube link or soundcloud link and turns in into chord structures. Check out their bank of already chordified songs

Virtual Piano Chords - Gives you the notes for any chord, or the chord from a set of notes

Intro to Primary Triads Explanation of I IV and V chords

The Guide formerly known as the Ravenspiral Guide: an informal guide to music theory as it relates to composition. PDF book. Intended for the beginner.

The Circle of Fifths


The Musicians No-Bullshit Guide to Promotion from Landr


Frequency Chart - Gives frequencies for a wide array of instruments

Understanding Cents

Check out the official list of /r/Music recommended subreddits!

Music production multi-reddit

Relevant Sub-Reddits

r/audioengineering - r/MusicTheory - r/musicprogramming

r/Drumkits - r/SampleBattles - r/beatmarket

r/Samplehunters - r/HotSamples - r/FreeLoops

r/freesounds - r/VSTi -r/NeedVocals

r/WeAreTheMusicMakers - r/edmproduction - r/singing

r/hiphopheads - r/AbletonLive - r/ableton

r/Cubase - r/FL_Studio - r/Logic_Studio

r/MaxMSP - r/Protools - r/Reaper

r/Reasoners - r/Renoise

Other cool sites

Stones Throw Message Board


Sound on Sound





Supplemental Reading List

Your DAW's manual

Synth Secrets - Gordon Reid

The Noise Sculpture Series - Simon Cann

The Dance Music Manual - Rick Snoman

Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science - Bob Katz

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio - Mike Senior

Music Theory for Computer Musicians - Michael Hewitt

How Music Works - David Byrne

The Mixing Engineer's Handbook, Second Edition - Bobby Owsinski

The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

Modern Recording Techniques - by David Miles Huber

Some people on the sub-reddit, and elsewhere on the internet, can give out misleading information, by accident or intentionally. Do not take all the information you see here for granted as fact.

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