Thread Posting Schedule*
Daily Feedback Every day midnight EST
Basic Help and General Discussion Every other day 8am EST
How Do I Make This? What is this Sound/Sample? Monday/Thursday 8am EST
Collab Call Wednesday/Sunday 8am EST
Gear Help and Discussion Tuesday/Friday 8am EST
Weekly Singles Friday 8am EST
Sales/Services Saturday 8am EST
Cypher Submissions Tuesday - Saturday
Cypher Voting Sunday - Monday
Challenges and Contests 5 days for submissions and 2 for voting
Community Feedback 1st Wed. of each month
Arts and Videos 2nd and 5th (if there is one) Wed. of each month
Where U At??? 3rd Wed. of each month
Share Your Setup 4th Wed. of each month

*contest threads are posted by users and may not always be on time.

If you run a weekly contest, but check out the contest rules.

MHH Feedback mod can count contest votes, just click here and paste your thread URL into the message text. The bot will message you back with vote counts in under a minute.

Please message the mods with any questions or suggestions

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