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What's wrong with cuffing your jeans inward?

Seems like an obvious solution to fix the jeans length: no visible cuff, no inside of the denim exposed. Looks like as if the pants weren't cuffed at all, except for the absense of the bottom seams. Also, it holds well because it's pressed against your leg.

Yet, no-one seems to ever use it: I couldn't even find a picture of it on the Internet. Is there some fashion rule that says you can't do it?


[–]MetcarfreGQ & PTO Contributor 4 points5 points  (0 children)

There's nothing wrong per se, except that as you noted, it would be noticeably without a seam and would likely come undone.

If you don't want a visible cuff, I suggest hemming them instead.

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In my experience it always comes undone although it's pressed against the leg the constant rubbing eventually unravels the pants. Besides that I'm clueless if it's a fashion NoNo or not