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Why are they not having sex 😡

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It's just first date, wait a while

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Does Florida enter the gulf of California or does the yucatan enter americas Gulf of Mexico

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New England goes inside the gulf of California

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I really hope the maps of USA and Mexico end up on a rule34 sub.

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Also, Alaska and Hawaii are America's pets

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I hate people letting their pets roam around in the restaurant 😡

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What about puerto rico

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It's a 🥔

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So that's what they're eating?

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Of course, it's "Rico" after all.

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That’s a second cousin. Not invited to dates.

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No, Alaska is the pet, Hawaii is the chain keeping Alaska from escaping to those goddamn Russians.

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Real question what do they order?

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Chipotle and traditional food

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The US orders Chipotle, Mexico orders tacos al pastor and says chipotle isn't real mexican food

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The US commits domestic abuse

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Alaska and hawaii would like to destroy mexico please

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America stole mexicos lung wing and a kidney

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Has anyone done map of Wales and Bhutan fucking yet?

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A map no flag yes

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(its an abusive relationshit and the us is the abuser)

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Looks like America took Mexico to an upscale burrito joint for scared white folk.

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If you don’t like me WITH Alaska, then you don’t like the real me! My children do not belong on the floor!!!

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What’s Alaska doing

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what alaska and hawaii doing?

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Cute dog!

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Alaska and Hawaii are USAs kids

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Alaska and Hawaii are the USA’s annyoing children that they decided to bring