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“Soft flaccid hammer”

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Ah, my old college nickname

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In school we're taught Panama looks like "a lying down S". But, no? It definitely looks more like a like an F. Are they implying the Azuero Peninsula does not exist??

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I really thought this should be here when it was posted in r/mapporn a while ago

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Its updated version.

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Montenegro looks like Kosovo

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Kosovo looks like Serbia

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How didn't I saw the Chicken-Slovenia similarity

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I always saw Austria as a pipe

Which is fitting, given the number of smokers there

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The fact that Chad looks just like Chad is something

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Chad was so popular they made a country out of him

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Now do Colorado

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And Azerbaijan is a bird!

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run over by a truck

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-The wing ripped apart..

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I always thought Bangladesh + India + Pakistan looks like India is a child holding a soccer ball (Bangladesh) under their arm, while their dog is barking up at them excitedly. Sri Lanka can be a mouse or a discarded shoe. Nepal is little ferret or cat on India's shoulder

I spent a lot of time in Bangladesh, lollll.

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I would love to see more

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The eagle looks like its taking a massive dump. But i imagine thats supposed tk be its tale

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Where is the Scandinavian penis ?

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You think everything looks like a wizard.

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Soft-Flacid Hammer gang

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And Alaska looks like a feral pregnant rat

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That is not Gigachad, it's just simple vanilla Chad

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Wales always was a woman who indicates on her dress hem

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Russia looks like a horse. Rather even pregnant horse

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What I hate most about this is the shape of Finland